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Characters: The Matchmaker


Horace Vandergelder: A tightwad, middle-aged merchant of Yonkers, New York, Vandergelder has forbidden the marriage of his niece, even though she is of legal age. However, he has hired a matchmaker to find a wife for himself.
Cornelius Hackl: One of Vandergelder’s underpaid clerks, Cornelius decides it’s time to break out of his boring lifestyle and seek some adventure of his own.
Barnaby Tucker: Another of Vandergelder’s clerks, Barnaby is a bit younger than Hackl, but sets out with him in search of an adventure.
Malachi Stack: Frequently unemployed, Malachi is the newest member of Vandergelder’s pool of clerks.
Ambrose Kemper: An artist who is courting Vandergelder’s niece, Ambrose has run afoul of Vandergelder because he doesn’t feel an artist can support a family.
Joe Scanlon: A barber
Rudolph: A waiter at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant.
August: A waiter at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant.
Mrs. Dolly Levi: A matchmaker, only one her many talents, Dolly was a friend of Vandergelder’s late wife. She also has designs on Vandergelder for herself.
Miss Flora Van Huysen: A friend of Vandergelder’s late wife.
Mrs. Irene Molloy: A New York City milliner, Mrs. Malloy has been set up as a prospective wife for Vandergelder.
Minnie Fay: Mrs. Malloy’s assistant.
Ermengarde: Vandergelder’s niece, Ermengarde doesn’t do very well at making decisions for herself. She is, however, in love with Ambrose, whom her uncle doesn’t want her to marry.
Gertrude: Vandergelder’s outspoken housekeeper.
Miss Van Huysen's Cook

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