"And I have heard it said."
—Henry VI Part One

You like us. You really like us!

Every year, the Utah Shakespeare Festival receives thousands of comments from our guests telling us about their experiences here, as well as numerous reviews from professional theatre critics. It is always gratifying and instructive for us to read through them. Granted, not all the comments are positive, but even those that aren’t are helpful as we look to make your experience even better.                                       

This year, the comments have been especially positive thus far. Both guest and reviewers seem to like our plays and our new facilities in the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts. We feel much like legendary actress Sally Fields: You like us. It is exciting for us to know that the people we work so hard for, the people for whom we create plays and an environment that entertains, enriches, and educations, appreciate our work. 

Here’s a sampling:

Guest Comments

“Well performed, great costumes and brilliant ambience and sets.”
“Henry V was great!”
“We have been coming to the Festival for over thirty years, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank the Festival for helping create and foster a love of Shakespeare in our [daughter].”
“We went to Henry V and The Three Musketeers—both of which were in the Englestad Theatre. Having been to the festival MANY years ago, it was terrific to see the renovations. If seeing a play in Englestad, consider bringing seat cushions and a blanket, as the seats are plastic chairs and the evenings can get surprisingly chilly. TIP: Be sure to buy one of the tarts before the show or during intermission. Tasty treat for the show.”
“We laughed until we cried at the Marx Brothers play [The Cocoanuts]. The cast was just astoundingly good. I wasn't sure what to expect or perhaps I was expecting something between the quality of high school play and a college performance. It was neither. The quality of the talent was akin to something live on Broadway. Trust me when I say, I have been exposed to many different types of entertainment and I recognize great talent when I see it. . . . We had a delightful time.
“We saw The Three Musketeers. The inclusion and re-writing to include a little sister was fabulous. It might not have worked if the script wasn't up to par, but it was. The actors were right on cue with their comedic timing as well as the ‘serious’ aspects of the play in regards to fight scenes and double crossings. We were in the open air [Engelstad Shakespeare] Theater for this play, and that made it somehow more magical. We could see stars, feel a slight breeze, and were completely comfortable. I hope that anyone who truly enjoys the theatrical arts, will make a trip to enjoy this event!”
“My husband as well as my son and his girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed the July 4 presentation of Much Ado about Nothing. The play was much better than any of us expected with a beautiful new theater, terrific set and accomplished actors! None of us are extremely knowledgeable about Shakespearean plays, but nonetheless, we enjoyed the play immensely! I was especially surprised by the humor! The actors had excellent comedic timing! . . . Bravo! We hope to attend another performance in the future!”
“Thanks for not disappointing once again. All the talented cast were awesome! . . . We loved Mary Poppins, and Bert, and EVERYONE else too. See you in a few weeks when we can see other shows.”
“[Much Ado about Nothing] was a fantastic play. The actors and actresses were very impressive. Thank you for making our final day of vacation such an enjoyable evening!!!”
“The new outdoor theater takes the best parts of the old with some added upgrades including bathrooms in the theater. No more having to find a restroom while classes are going on next to you. . . . I highly recommend the "famous tarts" they really are that good.”


“Well done farce requires discipline and perfect timing, and this production translates them into a very entertaining package.”  — The Cocoanuts, Barbara M. Bannon in the Salt Lake Tribune
“The Festival’s 2016 production of ‘Much Ado’ is the can’t-miss play of the season.”  — Much Ado about Nothing, Brian Passey in The Spectrum

“‘Mary Poppins’ soars in new show at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.” — Mary Poppins, Ellen Fagg in the Salt Lake Tribune

“It’s all for one, fun for all. . . . [The play] revs the pacing, keeping the action fast and fluid as the Musketeers draw their swords and twirl their capes, steeling themselves to save yet again.” The Three Musketeers, Carol Cling in the Las Vegas Review Journal

“A triumphal Henry V at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. . . . Henry V is a supremely enjoyable experience, with all of the rich language, sumptuous visuals, and splendid acting.” —Henry V, Russell Warne in Utah Theatre Bloggers Association