Following up on last season’s Part One, Henry IV Part Two has King Henry in failing health and young Prince Hal in a position where he must decide: fantasy and youthful rebellion or the sobering and often harsh realities of kingship.




Director — Brian Vaughn
Scenic Designer — Vicki M. Smith
Costume Designer — David Kay Mickelsen
Lighting Designer — Donna Ruzika
Sound Designer — Joe Payne
Dramaturg — Frank Honts
Voice and Text Coach — Philip Thompson
Music Director — Michael Gribbin
Fight Director — Christopher DuVal
Stage Manager — Bryan Sommer*


Rumour, the presenter Larry Bull*
Chorus Larry Bull*
King Henry IV — Larry Bull*

Prince Henry, afterwards crowned King Henry V Sam Ashdown*
John of Lancaster, son of King Henry IVZack Powell
Thomas of Clarence, son of King Henry IV Eric Weiman
Humphrey of Gloucester, son of King Henry IVJosh Durfey
Earl of  Northumberland, Henry Percy, in rebellion against King Henry IV Peter Sham*
Lady Northumberland — Bree Murphy
Hotspur Marco Antonio Vega
Lady Percy,
wife of HotspurSaren Nofs-Snyder
Archbishop of York, in rebellion against King Henry IV Tony Amendola*
Lord Mowbray, in rebellion against King Henry IVTyler Pierce*
Lord Hastings, in rebellion against King Henry IVMichael C. Thatcher
Sir John Colevile, in rebellion against King Henry IV Oge Agulué
Earl of Westmoreland, supporter of King Henry IV Christopher R Ellis
Lord Chief Justice, supporter of King Henry IV — James Newcomb*
supporter of King Henry IVAnthony Simone
Archbishop of Canterbury Peter Sham*
Bishop of Ely Tony Amendola*
Sir John Falstaff — John Ahlin*

Poins — Andrew Voss
Bardolph — Marco Antonio Vega
Pistol — Drew Shirley
Falstaff’s Page — Sceri Sioux Ivers
Hostess Quickly, of the Boar’s Inn Tavern, EastcheapBree Murphy
Doll Tearsheet — Saren Nofs-Snyder
Francis, a drawer Zack Powell
Drawers — Josh Durfey, Eric Weiman
Justice Robert Shallow, a country justiceDavid Pichette*
Justice Silence, a country justicePeter Sham*
Davy, a servant to ShallowAndrew Voss
Mouldy, a country soldierAndrew Voss
Shadow, a country soldierEric Weiman
Wart, a country soldier Josh Durfey
a country soldierZack Powell
Bullcalf, a country soldierMichael C. Thatcher
Fang, a London officerEric Weiman
Snare, a London officer Josh Durfey
Beadles — Tyler Pierce*, Michael C. Thatcher

King’s Soldiers — Oge Agulué, Drew Shirley, Andrew Voss


Rumour Drew Shirley; Chorus — Drew Shirley; King Henry IVDrew Shirley; Prince Henry — Brandon Burk; John of Lancaster Brandon Beaver; Thomas of Clarence Brandon Beaver; Humphrey of Gloucester Brandon Beaver; Earl of Northumberland Aaron Galligan Stierle*; Lady Northumberland Melinda Pfundstein*; Hotspur Miller Tai; Lady Percy Melinda Pfundstein*; Archbishop of YorkAndrew Voss; Lord Mowbray Nigel Huckle; Lord Hastings Jordan Donica; Sir John Colevile Miller Tai; Earl of Westmoreland Nigel Huckle; Lord Chief Justice Aaron Galligan-Stierle*; Gower Jonah Robinson; Archbishop of Canterbury Aaron Galligan-Stierle*; Bishop of Ely Andrew Voss; Sir John Falstaff Michael C. Thatcher; Poins Jonah Robinson; Bardolph Miller Tai; Pistol Jonah Robinson; Falstaff's Page Nicki Elledge; Hostess Quickly Melinda Pfundstein*; Doll Tearsheet Melinda Pfundstein*; Francis Brandon Beaver; DrawersBrandon Beaver; Justice Robert Shallow — Eric Weiman; Justice Silence Aaron Galligan-Stierle*; Davy Jonah Robinson; Mouldy — Jonah Robinson; Shadow Brandon Beaver; Wart Brandon Beaver; Feeble Brandon Beaver; Bullcalf Jordan Donica; Fang Brandon Beaver; SnareBrandon Beaver; Beadles — Jordan Donica, Nigel Huckle
Understudies never substitute for listed players unless an announcement is made prior to the performance.

*Members of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.

The director is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union.

The scenic and sound designers are represented by United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829 of the IATSE.


Play Details

June 26 to September 5, 2015

Adams Shakespearean Theatre

William Shakespeare

Brian Vaughn

Content Advisory
Henry IV Part Two is suitable for most audiences; it does contain the Bard’s usual innuendo and double entendres and some violence.

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