A scene from  Henry V,  2016

A scene from Henry V, 2016

"The game's afoot."
—Henry V

Join the Utah Shakespeare Festival in our own version of March Madness.

Enter a bracket for a chance to win two tickets to one of this season's plays.
Then, you and your friends vote to determine which play is the Bard's Best!

The games are now over!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Final Standings

Points were received from votes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Shakespeare's Plays March Madness Bracket

How to Vote

Now that you have a bracket, you will want to vote each “game day” for the play you want to win. To do this, visit any or all of these places to vote. Anyone can vote, even if you didn’t submit a bracket!


  • March 12: Games 1-4
  • March 13: Games 5-8
  • March 14: Games 9-12
  • March 15: Games 13-16
  • March 19: Games 17 and 18
  • March 20: Games 19 and 20
  • March 21: Games 21 and 22
  • March 22: Games 23 and 24
  • March 26: Games 25 and 26
  • March 27: Games 27 and 28
  • March 29: Games 29 and 30
  • March 31: Game 31

Contest Rules


We know it may be difficult for you to select a play you think will be more popular over the play that you think should win. For this reason, we are allowing each person to submit two brackets. One can be for the plays you think will win, and one can be for the plays your heart hopes will win.


You must submit your fully completed bracket by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 10. Any brackets received after this time will not be eligible to win.


The winning Shakespeare play in each game will be determined by votes compiled from:

An individual can vote once on each platform. Anyone can vote, including individuals who did not submit a bracket.


  • Each correct prediction in Round 1 will receive one point.
  • Each correct prediction in Round 2 (“sweet sixteen”) will receive two points.
  • Each correct prediction in Round 3 (“elite eight”) will receive four points.
  • Each correct prediction in the Semifinals (“final four”) will receive eight points.
  • A correct prediction of the Finals will receive sixteen points.


The person who receives the most points will receive two complimentary tickets to any play in the 2018 season, excluding Othello. Up to a $100 value. The winner will be notified via email.


In order for the bracket system to work, we felt it was important to seed the different play titles. We surveyed the Utah Shakespeare Festival company and staff and asked them to rank each play with a score of one to five (five being the highest). The scores were then averaged and the plays were ranked. The top four plays were given a first seed position, the next four plays were given a second seed position, and so on.

Because a clean bracket has thirty-two slots, the six lowest ranked plays were not included. These plays are All’s Well That Ends Well, The Two Noble Kinsmen, Troilus and Cressida, Antony and Cleopatra, Henry VIII, and Timon of Athens.


If you have questions, email usfcom@bard.org.