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Competition Registration

Important! Please Read Before Registering!

The registration process for the competition has changed. Please read the instructions below before beginning the registration process. A PDF of the instructions can be downloaded here.

Web Address:

·      Click “Create Account”

·      Each teacher/coach can create his or  own username and password. Coaches of multiple areas should select the coach types that apply to them.

·      NOTE: If your school doesn’t appear, please email with the school name, street address, and phone number. We will add it and contact you when you are able to register.

·      When you return to the login page in the future, your username will be the email address you registered with.

After you have created a login, you will see the screen below:




·      Click “Add Students.” All students entered by all coaches at your school will be visible. Enter all the students who will be attending the competition, including non-competing students. You will assign them to events in the next step.

·      After adding all your students, click “Done Adding Students” near the top right of the page.

·      Click “Register” button on “Register for Events” section. All the events for your coach type(s) will be listed here. Click an event; and, after entering event details (act/scene, description, etc.), you will be able to add eligible students to that event and assign them characters. After you are finished adding students, click done; and you will be returned to the “Register for Events” page. Repeat these actions for each event type you need to register students for. Don’t worry if there are changes later. You can always go back and edit student names and information, as well as update event information.

·      After you have registered students for events, click “Done” near the top right of the page. Click the “Print” in the Print Registration Summary” for the breakdown of your registration. The Shakespeare Competition Office will send you an invoice after you register.

·      If you are not sure what division your school is assigned to, please click your name in the upper-right corner, and click “Edit School Details.” You can select the division from the drop-down list if it is not already selected.

PLEASE NOTE: You still need to email the Festival to request an ensemble time, request a tech Olympics slot, or clarify any production conflicts. Edit