The Professional Theatre at Southern Utah University

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"You cannot better be employ'd."
—The Merchant of Venice


The Production Manager (PM) is responsible for overseeing all departmental budgeting, scheduling, staffing, and coordination efforts involved to realize productions on time and within budget. In addition he/she must lead the organization as we adapt and balance to the evolving challenges when resources compete with vision. The PM supervises all stages of the production process, including design, budgeting, rehearsal and performance. The Production Manager, in coordination with the Artistic Director and Executive Producer , is expected to provide solutions to challenges, strategize to achieve middle ground between artistic goals and production demands, and offer leadership strategy to help the entire organization move forward.

The Production Manager, in conjunction with Southern Utah University (SUU) Theatre Arts and Dance Department, USF Facilities, and SUU Facilities, coordinates the use and maintenance of theatre facilities. The Production Manager is a member of the USF senior staff and participates with senior staff in setting policy and ongoing planning.


The Scenery Director oversees all activities of the Scenery and Paint Departments for the Festival. The Director is responsible for the planning, execution and completion of all scenic elements for productions at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. The Scenery Director, in conjunction with the Production Manager, recruits and hires all scenic staff, manages budgets, and coordinates schedules within the Scenery and Paint Departments. The Scenery Director, with the SUU Theatre Arts and Dance Department, maintains equipment and performance spaces while protecting the Utah Shakespeare Festival interests during the off-season. The Scenery Director takes a hands-on roll in the planning, construction, and implementation of scenery for the Festival season and for the Festival Educational Tour production.


The Education Programs Manager is responsible for all day-to-day organizational, financial and clerical operations of the Festival Education Department. The Education Programs Manager serves as registrar for all education classes, productions and workshops and provides operational assistance with scheduling, financial accountability, data collection, hiring and organizing for these activities. The Education Programs Manager assists the Education Director in all operational and programming matters relating to the professional operation of the department.

2019 Seasonal Positions

All 2019 seasonal positions have been filled. Please check back this fall when we open hiring for 2020.

Acting Company

Hiring for our 2019 season has been completed. Please check with us in late August for our 2020 audition schedule.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival is committed to excellence through diversity.