"Here's a change indeed."
— Othello

It’s an exciting change for the Festival, with a connection to the past and an eye to the future.


Why a change at all?

As we looked to the future and examined the new facilities of the Beverley Center for the Arts, it became evident that this season provided a wonderful opportunity to “re-brand” our logo. Practically, it made more sense to make the change this year than to wait a year or two and have to make big, expensive changes then.

What happened to the flags?

While flags have been a symbol of the Festival on our grounds and in our theatres, they have been a part of our logo for less than two decades. The flags are one symbol of the festival, but we have many others. The three flags are being carried into the three points on the crown. We will continue the tradition of having flags onsite.

Why a crown?

A crown is a representation of something of value—a heritage, stellar work, or sophistication. Those are all important to us—the heritage that is the fifty-five year old Festival, the work that happens on and off our stages, and the level of sophistication in what we do.

Why this crown?

The three points of this crown represent the three points of our mission: educate, enrich, and entertain. They also represent our three theatres. The crown acknowledges our beautiful mountain home and is reminiscent of the Engelstad Theatre, including the chevron pattern that is so prevalent there.

Why so “modern?”

The magic and power of the work of William Shakespeare is that his plays remain totally relevant today, especially when produced with the passion and love that we have here at the Festival. We feel strongly that this new logo is totally in harmony with the core of our mission and our connection to our namesake playwright.