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Memorial Seats Questions and Answers

Leave a lasting legacy by putting your name on a seat in the new Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre.

Put Your Name On It

Q. Can I choose my seat?
A. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to accommodate your request; however, the theatre reserves the right to assign seats.

Q. I had a seat in the Adams Memorial Shakespearean Theatre. Will my name transfer to a seat in the new Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre?
A. No, but all of the current names that appear on the seats in the Adams Theatre will be placed on a plaque in or near the Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre.

Q. Will I be able to sit in my seat(s) at performances?
A. The "Put Your Name On It" campaign does not include a personal seat license and we cannot guarantee that the seat(s) which you have named will be available for you when you attend ticketed performances.

Q. How long will my inscription appear on the seat?
A. The inscription you designate will remain on your Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre seat(s) until such time as they are replaced with new ones, a minimum of twenty years. At that time, seats will once again be sold. When that happens, and to honor the original seat holders, a plaque will be designed and displayed in or near the Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre.

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