Dear Friends,

Thanks to generous supporters like you, this has been a tremendous year in our new home at the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts.  Our artists have created some unforgettable productions that have inspired audiences from across the Intermountain West and beyond. 

Geoffrey Kent (left) as Oliver and Jeb Burris as Orlando in  As You Like It,  2017.

Geoffrey Kent (left) as Oliver and Jeb Burris as Orlando in As You Like It, 2017.

Only with your help, are we able to offer the opportunity to connect with friends and family as you share the experience of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  We offer ideas and perspectives through world-class storytelling that touches hearts and creates unique and personal memories.

As we closed our fifty-sixth season, we said goodbye to the friends and colleagues that dedicated themselves to the creation of the Festival’s artistry this year.  Now we are busy planning, preparing, and excitedly conceiving the plays and experiences you will enjoy in 2018. 

We’ve experienced many changes this year.  As we adjust to our beautiful facilities and to changes in leadership, we are constantly seeking new ways to provide our audience with unique, exciting, and diverse artistic experiences to make each visit to the Festival fascinating and unforgettable.

We remain committed to our original purpose: to entertain, enrich, and educate.  We will keep creating the experiences that your family and friends will share and remember for a lifetime.

To help us achieve our mission to entertain, enrich, and educate, we ask you to make a gift to the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Annual Fund.

The need for your support has never been greater.  Regardless of the size of your contribution, your generosity will help enrich lives across the Intermountain West.

Your support will help us attract incredible artists, build great scenery and costumes, and support our free experiences such as the seminars, orientations, and The Greenshow.  Your contribution will have a huge impact.

Thank you for helping us make this all possible and for supporting great professional theatre in Utah.


P.S: The Festival attracts patrons from all over the United States, and the world.  Whether you travel five minutes, or five hours to attend the Festival, you are a part of a community that values not only the greatness of Shakespeare, but the joy of live theatre.  Thank you for helping to keep this wonderful experience alive for fifty-six years and counting!