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Lorena Genevieve Baas 

Klaus and Vernele Bachenheimer

Dan and Pat Bachman

Ardelle F. Backman

Helen L. Backman

Joseph W. Backman

Alan Backman Family

Marge Bacon

Richard and Helen Bagne

Brittani Bailey

George M. and Gay L. Bailey

Ron and Mary Bailey

Ralph and Cande Bak

Al Baker

Baker House B & B

Brian William Baker 

George W. Baker

Keith and Enid Baker

Larry Baker

Pop and Carolyn Baker

Sam and Dee Bakke

Katherine B. and Jack S. Bale

Michael and Laurie Ballam

Brad Ballard

John and Helen Banchero

Gov. and Mrs Norman H Bangerter

Loving memory of Walter Barabas

Steve and Terri Barber

Terry and Jymme Barber

Madeleine Barchesvska

Emma Lou Bardall

Garrett Barker

Jessica and Rachel Barker

Ruth H. Barker and Family

Marcy Ence Barlow

David and Cherie Barnes

Fred and Annette Barnes

Larry and Kathy Barnson

Joe and Jan Barraza

Chas and Marie Barrett

Dr. and Mrs. Ray H. Barton, Jr.

Helen G. Barton

Gae and Perry Basch

Stuart and Lee Bauer

Jack and Kerie Baughman

Elizabeth Buffy Baum

The Donald F. Bausher Family

Pamela Mahin-Bayley

Duane and Clare Baylor

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Beal

Dr. Mark Beals

Roger Bean

Joseph and Sarah Beatty

Susan and Patrick Beatty

Kim and Megan Beauregard

Ashley Beck

Susan and Jaret Beck

Louis, Elsie and Calvin Becker

Lursa and B’Etor Becker

Dorothy H. Beckett

Richard C. Beckett

Christopher H. Beckman

Don and Martha Beckman 

Leona Beckstead 

Joel and Penny Beckstrand

Mrs. Beatrice Beech

Scott Beeman

Max and Ellen Beers

Andrew T. Beesley


Erin Beesley

Geneve H. Beesley

James P. Beesley

Nicole E. Beesley

Richard M. Beesley

Rulon and Sharon Beesley

Shannon Beesley

Gabrielle E. Beeson

Walter W. Beeson

Patricia Behmer

Robert Beishline Family

C. Rotheim and R. Belew

Oliver and Lois Bell

Bellefonte Tour 1996

Bellefonte Tour 1997

Bellefonte Tour 1999

Britt Belliston AFJH ‘04

Edwin M. Belmont

W. Dean Belnap Family

Mandy Lee Bender ‘95

Gary and Mary Bennett

Robert and Claire Bennion

Robert and Robin G. Bennion

Kirk and Gael Benson

Lynn Benson

Sherrin Benson

Pres. Michael T. Benson

Charlotte Bentley 

Fred and Charlotte Bentley


Nancy Berger

The Berger Family

Jeff, Ryan and Ethan Berger

Bill and Marie Berliner

Dr. Mark L. Berman

Dean P. Berthoty 

The Beshear Family

David and Alice Bigelow

Jane Bird

M. J. Bird

Roy H. and Glenna K. Bird

Darin and Lola Bird

Laurie Birky

R. H. and Ruth Bischoff

Bradley Bishop

Kyle, Rachel and Xander Bishop

Grant and Margery Bitter

Joan Cook Bitter

Arthur and Eveline Bjorkman

Bill Black

Dianna Marian Black

Hal L. Black

Lena Ruth Black

William L. Black

Deborah Blackburn

Adriane Blackham

Greg Blackham

Julia Blackham

Lauren Blackham

Nila Blackham

Zachary Blackham

Bruce and Colleen Blackner

Ken and Carol Blackner

Roy and Edna Blair

Luke and Marilyn Blakeley

Brad and Marianne Blanchard

Fr. Bob Blanpied

Bob Blaskey

Rebecca and Mark Blaskey


Charles Bock

Ellen Bolieau

Ivy and Clifton Bolieau

Emily F. and Clay Bond

Evan Bond

Dr. and Mrs. Jos. Bongiovanni

Douglas G. and T. Loraine Bonzo

Forest R. Bookman

M/M Ren Bookman Cleveland, OH.

Margaret M. Bookman

Ren and Mary Bookman

Greg and Wai-Mei Borgel

Rosalee Botham

Donald B. Botkin

Smokey and Reney Botkin

Maxine and Junior Bounous

Matthew Bowden

Tyler Bowden

William Bowden

Beverly Bowman

Robert Bowman

Ronald Bowman

Box Office Staff 1996 

Alan and Trudy Boyack

Harvey and Ann Boyce

Gary and Donna Bozworth

Brad loves Marianne

Joy Bradshaw

B. Ryan Brady

Brooks Alan Brady 

Bruce Ryan Brady

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Brady

Drew w. Browning and Judy Brady

Howard Riley Brady

Judy Brady 

Kristy and Ryan Brady

Sarah and Karen Brainard

Alice Todd Braithwaite

G. Earl and Irene H. Braithwaite

Harry E Brakebill

Loraine C Brakebill

Ray and Marcia Bramble

Irv and Gloria Bransky

Benjamin Bratt

Jim and Ann Brauer

Lloyd and Ellanore Brauer

Breanna and Nathaniel

Evelyn Rose Breed

Faith Naomi Breed

John Paul Breed

Paul Benjamin Breed 

Kenneth and Karen Brewster

Mr. and Mrs Allen Brewster

Corinne Briggs

Tim Moon and Jeff Briske

Bailey C Broadbent

Benjamin A Broadbent

Chester Riley Broadbent

Cole Broadbent

Daniel and Connie Broadbent

David and Sherrie Broadbent

Elayna M Broadbent

Eliot and Linda Broadbent

Emily Jayne Broadbent

Isaac J Broadbent

Jayne Olivia Broadbent

Jennifer Sue Broadbent

Joseph and Carol Broadbent

Joseph L Broadbent


JR and Lorna Broadbent

Kent and Helen Broadbent

Lott Broadbent

Mathew & Lisa Broadbent

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Broadbent

NJ and Kristy Broadbent

Phillip J. Broadbent

Ray and Susan Broadbent

Spencer S. Broadbent

Vance S. Broadbent

Will and Candy Broadbent

Emileigh Brooke 1987 - 94

Craig R. and Lozina R. Brooks

Marie and Leonard Brooks

Donna and Everett Brott

Alan E. and Michelen Brown

Barbara and Paul Brown

Brown Uncle Bob Ray Jr. 1978

D. B. Brown 

Harry Lore Brown

Lynne Jillson Brown

Mary S Brown

Nana Brown

Pat and Wally Brown

Bob and Jan Brown

Kelly, Robin and Sue Brown

Kay and Allen G. Browne

Drew W. Browning

Judy Browning

Al and Norma Bruce

In Memory Hertha Bruhn

Ann F. Brundige

Ernest Chip Bruss

Cora Lynn Bryan

Fallon Lynn Bryan

Jeffrey S. Bryan

Jessica R. Bryan

Silas K Bryan

Quinn A. Bryan

Sarah and Cara Buchanan 1994

Bill and Julia Buchholz

Carol Dee Buchmiller

Golden A. Buchmiller

Arthur and Marian Budge

Frederick Buechner

Kay Stafford Buechner

Bill and Julia Bulcholz

In Memory of D. Reid Bullock

Austin Bunyea

BreeAnn Bunyea

Lori and Steve Bunyea

Mario Buoanfede

Carolyn and Christina Burdash

In Memory Emerie Burdick

Dr. David and Helen Burgoyne

M. Harding Burgoyne

Robert Burgoyne, M.D.

Dolores and Reid Burnham

Eva Burnham

Richard and Joan Burritt

Jane Burrough

Nathan and Marie Burt

Richard Burton

Kathy Bush

Meghan R. Busse

The Busse Family

A. Jerry and Anne P. Butler

Polly, Mary, and Morgan Byers 

Bill Byrnes