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In Memory John La Fata

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

Ladinig Family 

Bruce and Wanda LaFollette

Lucina C. LaGranger

In Memory of Leslie and Arlee Laird

Summer Christine Lake

Becky and Brian Lambert

Anna Estelle Lamborn

Daniel Ray Lamborn

Julia Danielle Lamborn

Selena Lillian Lamborn

Joyce Kinkead and David Lancy

Dr. Elliott D. and Jeanne Landau

Katherine M. G. Landreth

Erin E. Langdis

The Langevins

Wench Cela Langford

Andrea Langlois 

Mark Langlois

Samuel Langlois

Annetta and Bonnie Lantz

M.L. Larriva

Dean and M. J. Larsen

Gary and Suzanne Larsen

Gwyn and Lori Larsen

Ralph and Sharon Larsen

Reed and Lennox Larson

Chuck and Betty Lathrop

Judge and Mrs. George W. Latimer

Jesse Lattig

Bill and Mary Laub

Rosemary Laufer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Laughlin

Kit and Donna Law

Lawless Family

David N. Lawrence 

Jonathan and Emily Lawrence

Mathew Lawrence Family Brick

Dr. Chas and JoAnn Lawson

Jammie Kidd and Roberta Lay

The Scott Layden Family

Sander Sage and Jed Lazar

Jerry and Elise Lazer

Fanny Leach

We Love Mrs. Leary 2003

Justin Leath

Dudley and Helen Leavitt

Rod and Cindy Leavitt Family

Bruce and Jolene Lee

Daniel and Tara Lee

Darren and Larynn Lee

Darryl and Bonnie Lee

Jack and Barbara S Lee

Kristine Lee

Lucille A. Lee 

Susan Lehr

The Lehtinen Family

Jim and Karen Leigh

Ofelia R. Lemos 


Paul J. Lemos

Allison Leonard 

Amelia Leonard 

Blaine and Jan Leonard

Eric Leonard 

Michelle Leonard

Joan Smith and Harlan Levich

Bradley Kay Lewis

Craig Hart Lewis

David and Sheila Lewis

Devin J. Lewis

Dr. and Mrs Bradley K. Lewis

Dr. Farrell W. and Lrene W. Lewis

Dr. O Marvin Lewis Family

Emma and John Lewis 

John C. Lewis Family

Julie Lewis

Laura Lewis

Sherlyn and Kay Lewis

Vauna Lewis

Dick and Jo Liddy

Jeffrey Lieder

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Lieder

David and Suzanne Limburg 

Arleigh Linderman

Robert Linford In Memory

Judy Lindsay

Tom and Pat Linnebur

Patrice Arent and Arthur Lipman

Sergay and Annette Liston


W. and A. Liston and Family

Bob Litchfield Cherished

Carloyn and Gary Little

Susan Little

Jack and Jodi Livingood

Lorraine Livingood

Kay Livingston

Norm and Sandra Livingston

Klynn Lochhead

Lois Lockhart

Robert E Clark J Lodge FDN

Robert Long

Rosemary and Donald Long

Wayne and Carol Long

Jim and Betty Lord

Lu and Harry are in Love

Lu and Harry are Love

Sandra E. Lowe

Vanessa Elizabeth Lowe

Vilate Lowe

Diane Luke

The Lunch Bunch

Sandra E. Lundy


Norman Earl and Johanna Lynn

Ray and Pat Lynsky