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Katrina M. and William R.

Carolyn Raat

Sweet Bunny Rabbit

Mr. and Mrs. Evan J. Racker

Marv and Beth Rallison

Jack and Itha Rampton

Sandra Ramsey

Max W. and Betty Randall

Andrew K. Ranson

Alene Hepler and Pam Rapoport

Alan T. and Arlene O. Rappleye

Anne R. Rasmussen 

Henry Howard Rasmussen

Nedra P. Rasmussen

Russell M. Rasmussen 

Sandy Rasmussen

Stephen Rasmussen

Susan and Ed Rasmussen

Kristine Rawlings

Regan and Piper Ray

Krystal ReberMilford, UT

Recovery Room

Slow and Red

Red Hats of Iron County

Yasmine and Ted Redding

Lisa and James Reeder

Bill and Muriel Reese

Arlene Reich

Harold P. Reich


Gary Milby and Judy Reich  

Bobby and Phyllis Reid

Janice Reid

Rebecca Ann Reid

Reidel Family

The Reinhardt’s

Sunny and Dick Reinhold

L.K. Rencher

K. Montgomery E. Resch

Jim Rettew

Amelia E. Revilgio

Diandra Bebing Reyes

Larry and Anita Reynolds

Clyde and Mary Rhode

Fred and Dolores M Ricci

Beverlee and Casee Rice

Gloria and Jennifer Rice

D. Carl and Vera Richards

Rex and Fern Richards

Mary and Arnie Richer

Stephen and Cathleen Richins

Liz and Paul Richitt

C. and H. Richter

Ken and Arlene Rick

James L. Rieger

Guy and Estrella Riessen

Arlene Riley

Schelly, Audra, and Rindy


Tony and Jennifer Rino

Afton and Ron Ririe 

Carrie and Jessie Rob

Bryce A Robbins 1999

Heather Anne Robbins

Pete and Sheryl Robbins

Myretta L Robens

Jean S. Roberts

Russ and Carole Roberts

WB and Rinda Robins

Drs. George and Deborah Robinson

James A. Robinson

Jim and Shelley Robinson

Kay and Pete Robinson

Shannon Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Ace Robison

In Memory of Thayne Robson

L. Birmingham - P. J. Rockwell

Chloe and Joyce Rodeback

Betty Rogers

David Rogers

Dr. and Mrs. Keith Rogers

Jim and Debra Rogers

Rokovitz Family

Jim and Redonda Rominger

The Romney Family

Ed and Carolyn Rondthaler



Nick and Penny Rose

Scotlyn Rose

Miranda Joy Rosen

Anita and Gary Rosenau

Cary Kyle Rossman

Margaret and Charles Rostkowski

David and Nancy Roth

Merle and Herb Roth

Gene and Terry Rounds

Raquel Roundy 1983-2006

Dean and Kathleen Rowell

Doyle and Marilyn Rowley

John and Jo Rowley

Josephine W. Rowley

Philip Rule Family

Adelia H. Rushforth

Chuck and Russell


George A. Ruth 

Holly and Jo and Ruth

Jim and Pam Rutledge

Dennis P. Ryan

Donald and Sonia Ryan, MD’S

Lauren, Elise and Ryan

C.B. Slotemaker and J. Ryland

Carole and Jacques Ryland

For Mom - Jeanne Ryland