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Rex A. Wadham

James and Laurel Wadley


Natalie Jo Wagner

Tori Wagner

Aaron E. Wahler

Richard and Cynthia Wahler

Rick and Mary Wahler

Gale and Alice Waite

David and Beryl Waldrip

Lizzie Walje

Margaret and Tom Walker

Monique Walker

Tom and Margaret Walker

Walker Granchildren

Sharon Walkington

The Wall Family

Wilma S. Wall

Charlee Wallace

Harry and Marie Wallace

Sue and Walker Wallace

Thora Bryson Wallace

Gladys T Waller

Jeffrey A. Waller

Steven W. Waller

David V. Waller

John C. Walley

Angie Wallin

Alexandria E Walling

Benjamin M. Walling

Capt. E. K. Walling

Dana R Walling

David G. Walling

Grace Ann Walling

Grace H. Walling

Madden Cole Walling

Michael Tyree Walling

Michelle Maree Walling

Wm. A. J. Walling

Braden R. Walling

Alexa C. Walters

Alexa Calley Walters

Gabrielle Walters

Benjamin Walters


Brooke Walters

Jacob Walters

Ashley Marie Walz

Bob and Jean Walz

Mary Beth and Stewart Walz

Michael and Lynette Wanlass

Trenton Wann

Allen Ward

Col. and Mrs. Dale L. Ward

Emily Ward

John and Bobbie Ward

Katie Ward

Linda Stratton and Wes Ward

Roger Ward 1921- 2004

David R. and Mary Lou Warden

Ronald Wardle

Herbert and Harriet Warm

Victoria and Robert Waroway

Russ and MaryAnn Warren

Barry and Joyce Wasden

Amy L. Washburn

Jim and Amy Watkins

Susan Watkins 

Todd and Matt Watkins

Curtis and Pat Watson

Nicholas and Giacobbi Watson

Gary Watts Family

Sharon Watts

Lee and Eris Waymire

Robert G. Weaver

Steve and Cathy Weber 

Suzanne and Erin Weber

Dave and Helen Webster

David J. Weenig Family

David and Shauna Weight Family

Sara Wendy Weil

Benton HonuKai Weiss

Donald E. Weiss

Orson Welles

Beatrice Wells-Smith

Bob and Georgia Welti

Erik and Susan West

Robert G. and Carol West

Westwood H. S. Teachers 1995


Jack Wetmore

Nelson Wetmore

Patrick Wetmore

Gloria E. Wheeler

Joseph and Chris Wheeler

Hugh and Liz Whetmore

Katie Whetsell

Dr. Lance L. Whetten

Jack and Audrey Whipple

Johnny Whipple

Keith Whipple

Zelda Whipple

Martha and Ferrin Whitaker

Evelyn Hinckley White

In Memory of Pat White

Janice White

Richard and Karen White 

Steven Sargent White

Tanner Morgan White

Tom and Mary White 

White Pine Players

Jack E. and Beverly H. Whiting

Karen Whiting

Ben Whitney

Myrtle Grubbs Whitsett

Larry and Metta Whittaker

James H. Wickliffe

Marcella Wickliffe

David Wilcomb

Nadine M. Wilcomb

LeRoy C. and Letha L. Wilcox

Gene and Pat Wilkins

Lucy and Cy Wilkins

Will 12 GR8! Thanks Mom

Lyman S. Willardson 

Alice Olivier Williams

D. Herrold and D. Williams

Dr. Brent and Debra J. Williams

Johnson - Williams Family 

Roger F. Williams, MD

Alan and Bobbie Williamson

Alicia and George Williamson

Doris Williamson

Erika Brynn Williamson

George B. Williamson IV

Maren J. Williamson

Todd B. Williamson

Birdie and Jerry Willick

Marlene and Marshal Willick

Nikki Michelle Willick

Sarah Willick

Seth Ari Willick 2012

Carolyn S. Wilson

Cecilia Wilson 

Natalena Wilson

Sara Jean Wilson 

Steven E Wilson

Ursula Harz Wilson

Wayne and Cecilia Wilson 

Wayne Wilson Family

Wilsons of Sandy 

The Merry Winers 2012

Edward Tayloe Wise


Jennifer Carlton Wolfe

Ruth Wolk

James D. and Sharon K. Wood

H.E. and M.R. Woodbury

Rulan D. and Lois U. Woodbury

Wallace and Beverly Woodbury

Joan M. Woodhams

Linda and Don Woodhead

Gabrielle Woods

Robin M. Woods

Aimee Woodward

Gary and Kristy Woodward

Gene and Dorcas Woodward

Lindsay Woodward

Paige Woodward

Paul and Zelma Woodward

Diana L. Woody

Grant and Mar Woolston

Richard and Shirley Wootton


Shirley H. Workman

John H. A. Wright

Kathy and Tammy Wright

Mose and Gloria Wright

Lelia and Robert Wright