A classic tale of“star-cross’d lovers” and forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet is the perfect complement to Shakespeare in Love which depicts how Shakespeare may have written the famous play. The two, playing in repertory, will share cast and scenery, and this added synergy will provide a new dimension to what may be the most famous love story in the world.


ARTISTIC STAFF                                   

Director — J. R. Sullivan
Scenic Designer — Scott Davis
Costume Designer — Bill Black
Lighting Designer — Donna Ruzika
Sound Designer — Matt Tibbs
Music Director — Brandon Scott Grayson
Choreographer — Christine Kellogg
Dramaturg — Isabel Smith-Bernstein
Voice and Text Coach — Philip Thompson
Movement and Fight Choreographer — Robert Westley
Stage Manager — Bryan Sommer*

Scene: Verona, Mantua
There will be one intermission.


Chorus — Michael A. Harding
Gregory, servant to Capulet — Jack Lafferty
Sampson, servant to Capulet — Josh Durfey
Abram, servant to Montague — Max Falls
Balthasar, servant to Romeo — Michael Manocchio
Benvolio, nephew to Montague, friend to Romeo — Aaron Arroyo
Capulet, head of the House of Capulet — John G. Preston*
Lady Capulet, wife to Capulet — Melissa Graves
Montague, head of the House of Montague — Richie Call
Lady Montague, wife to Montague — Susanna Florence
Escalus, prince of Verona — Taylor Harris
Romeo, son to Montague — Shane Kenyon*
Paris, a young nobleman, kinsman to the prince — Brandon Burk
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet — Quinn Mattfeld*
Nurse to Juliet — Leslie Brott*
Juliet, daughter to Capulet — Betsy Mugavero*
Mercutio, kinsman to the prince, friend to Romeo — Jeb Burris*
Friar Lawrence, a Franciscan — Jonathan Gillard Daly*
Peter, servant to Juliet’s nurse — Redge Palmer*
Apothecary — Jack Lafferty
Friar John, a Franciscan — Michael A. Harding
Capulet’s Cousin — Michael A. Harding
Watchman — Michael A. Harding
Ensemble — Devin H. Anderson†, Cameron Martin†, Abigail Rose Nakken†, Carly Ann Salway†


Chorus/Montague/Friar John/Capulet’s Cousin/Watchman—Devin H. Anderson†; Gregory/ Sampson/ Balthasar/ Apothecary/ Ensemble—Jordan Thomas Wood; Benvolio/Escalus—Justin Goei; Capulet—Taylor Harris; Lady Capulet—Kaitlin Margaret Mills; Lady Montague—Kaitlyn Katter; Romeo—Michael Manocchio; Paris—Max Falls; Tybalt—Jack Lafferty; Nurse—Cassandra Bissell*; Juliet—Alexandra Zorn*; Mercutio—Josh Durfey; Friar Lawrence—Richie Call; Peter/Abram—Connor Cook
Understudies never substitute for listed players unless an announcement is made prior to the performance.

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.

†Appearing courtesy of the Southern Utah University Fellowship Program.


The director and fight choreographer are members of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union.


The scenic, costume, and sound designers are represented by the United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829 of the IATSE.

Videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Top photo: Betsy Mugavero (left) as Juliet, Jonathan Gillard Daly as Friar Lawrence, and Shane Kenyon as Romeo in the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s 2017 production of Romeo and Juliet.

Play Details

July 1 – September 9, 2017

Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

By William Shakespeare

J. R. Sullivan

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Content Advisory
Perhaps the most famous love story in the world, Romeo and Juliet examines the consequences of feuding families, intolerance, and young love. The love story between two teenagers includes Shakespeare’s usual puns and innuendo and may not be suitable for pre-teens.

Complete the Canon This play is part of the Complete-the-Canon Project.