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Characters: Henry VI Part One

Characters: Henry VI Part One

The English

King Henry VI
Duke of Gloucester:
Uncle and protector to the young king
Duke of Bedford: Uncle to the king and regent of France
Thomas Beauford: Duke of Exeter, great uncle to the king
Henry Beauford: Bishop of Winchester and later cardinal, great uncle to the king
John Beauford: Earl, later duke, of Somerset
Richard Plantagenet: Son of Richard, late earl of Cambridge, afterwards duke of York
Earl of Warwick
Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Suffolk
Lord Talbot:
Afterwards Earl of Shrewsbury
John Talbot: His son
Edmund Mortimer: Earl of March
Sir John Falstaff
Sir William Lucy
Sir William Glansdale
Sir Thomas Gargrave
Mayor of London
Lieutenant of the Tower of London
Vernon: Of the White Rose or York faction
Basset: Of the Red Rose or Lancaster faction
A Lawyer
Jailors to Mortimer

The French

Charles: Dolphin, and later king, of France
Reignier: Duke of Anjou and Maine, King of Naples
Duke of Burgundy
Duke of Alanson
Bastard of Orleance
Governor of Paris
Master Gunner of Orleance
His son
General: Of the French forces at Bordeaux
French Sergeant
Father to Joan de Pucelle
Margaret: Daughter to Reignier, afterwards married to King Henry VI
Countess of Auvergne
Joan la Pucelle:
Also called Joan of Arc
Fiends: Appearing to Joan de Pucelle