Part Two


King Henry VI

Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, uncle to the king

Eleanor, duchess of Gloucester, wife to Humphrey

Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, uncle to the king

Queen Margaret, queen to King Henry

Richard Plantagenet, duke of York

Edward, York’s son   

Richard, York’s son

Duke of Somerset

Duke of Suffolk

Duke of Buckingham

Lord Clifford

Young Clifford, his son

Earl of Warwick

Lord Saye

Sir Humphrey Stafford

Sir John Stanley

A Sea Captain, a profiteer

The Ship’s Master

Water Whitmore, a sailor

Sir John Hume, a priest

Bolingbroke, a conjurer

Margery Jourdain, a witch

Thomas Horner, an armorer

Peter, Thomas Horner's man

A Clerk, of Chatham

Mayor, of Saint Albans

Jack Cade, a Kentish rebel

George Bevis, a laborer

John Holland, a laborer      

Dick, a butcher, follower of Cade       

Smith, a weaver, follower of Cade

Michael, follower of Cade

Alexander Iden, a Kentish landowner

First Murderer

Second Murderer

Citizens, Guards, Soldiers, Messengers, a Spirit 

Part Three

King Henry VI

Queen Margaret, queen to King Henry

Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, their son

Lord Clifford

Duke of Exeter

Earl of Oxford

Duke of Somerset

Earl of Northumberland

Richard Plantagenet, duke of York

Edward, earl of March; afterwards duke of York and King Edward IV; son to York           

George, afterwards duke of Clarence, son to York

Richard, afterwards duke of Gloucester, son to York

Edmund, earl of Rutland, son to York

Earl of Warwick

Lord Hastings

Lady Grey, afterwards Queen Elizabeth to Edward IV

Lord Rivers, brother to Lady Grey

Mayor, of York

Sir John Montgomery

King Lewis XI, king of France

A French Noble

First Keeper

Second Keeper

A Son that has killed his father

A Father that has killed his son

Soldiers, Attendants, Messengers, Watchman