If you have been asked to submit a bio to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, this is the place to do so.

To submit your bio for inclusion in this year's Souvenir Program, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please list your credits in the categories below. You may leave categories blank; thus, choose only those that apply to you. However, if you have worked at the Festival in the past, you must include something in the "Previously at the Festival" category. If you don't want to list all your credits individually, include a phrase such as "numerous plays during the past ten years."
  2. Our bios are in a "list" form, not complete sentences. Thus list your credits accordingly.
  3. Bios are strictly limited to 130 words maximum. This includes the subheads such as "Previously at the Festival," but not your name or position/roles. Thus please choose which credits are most important to you. If your bio is longer than 130 words, we will edit it to length.
  4. Please check the box describing how you are sending your headshot to appear with your bio.
  5. When you have everything as you would like it, click on the "Submit My Bio to the Festival" button.

If you submit your bio before the deadline, you will receive a proof to check for accuracy.

Thanks for your help.

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