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New Plays History

New Plays History

Have a look back at the history of new play programs at the Festival. Our first program, from 1993 to 2003, was "New-Plays-Program." In 2006, the name was changed to "New American Playwrights Project." Then in 2017, Words3 (pronounced Words Cubed) became the new, and enhanced, program.


Rings by Aden Ross

62 Homers by Red Shuttleworth

The Brother's Silence by Jerry L. Crawford
Received a production at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, now being represented by Robert Freedman Dramatic Agency, Inc.

One Family by Jim Leonard, Jr.



Rainy Days and Friday Nights by Sam Smiley
Received full productions at Invisible Theatre, Tucson; Spanish Theatre Group, Barcelona; and TSI/Playtime, off-Broadway, New York City. Currently under option by Mad Brit Films.

Portrait of a Nude by Laura Shamas

The Incompetents by T.C. Miller

The Color of Bruise by Thomas Nicole 



Heir to the Covenant by Robert Paxton

Tenderhooks by Julie Jensen
Won first prize and a production at Mill Mountain Theatre New Play Festival; received a staged reading at Odyssey Theatre Company.

A Woman of Power by Edward F. EmanuEl

Glass Mountain by Doris Baizley



Ballad Hunter by Jenny Laird

Sacrament of Meatballs by Mark Steven Jensen

Gadianton by Eric Samuelson

Sacrilege by Edward Mast



Who Loves You, Jimmie Orrio by Cheryldee Huddleston

Our Lady Guenevere by Ace Pilkington

The Spirit Seekers by William Lang

What in the World’s Come Over You? by Red Shuttleworth
Produced by Foothill Theatre Company in Nevada City, California



A Grief of Mind by Carl O’Neal Rich

Simply the Thing She Is by Kate Hawley

March Tale by Tim Slover

Sweet Maggie Blues by Kay K. Cook



Autumn in the Valley by John D. and James A. Bell
Produced at Grand Valley State University; received a staged reading at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah

The Lamentable Tragedy of Sir Thomas More by Ann Chamberlain

E. Pluribus Anarchy by Paavo Hall

Disputed Bones by Jonathan Graham 


Whistler vs. Ruskin by L.L. West

Memorabilia by Red Shuttleworth

The Tears of Time by Stuart Boyce

Little Red Wagon Painted Blue by Don Monaco 



Tucumcari by Riley Steiner

The Figurehead by Charissa Menefee

Next Rest Stop 78 Miles by Marianne Hales

The Abduction by C.J. Verburg



The Stardust Caper by Jerry L. Crawford
In distribution with Robert Freedman Dramatic Agency, Inc.

Trucker Rhapsody by Toni Press-Coffman

Misdirected by Joe Borini

Across the Line by David Barr III



Digging in the Margins by Mark Rigney

Summer Feet by Riley Steiner

The Queen’s Two Bodies by Jeanne Murray-Walker 

Independency by Mark Steven Jensen 



Lady Macbeth by Aden Ross
Premiered at Plan B Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2011

Gaining Ground by Mark Rigney
Produced at the Ark Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Tears in the Sand by Stuart Boyce 



The Hard Way by Gino DeIorio
Won the BBC International Playwrights Award and was produced on BBC Radio; given staged readings at the North American Actors Association in the United Kingdom and the New York Alonquin Theatre Company 

Downwinders by Ed Kociela

Speak to Me, Annie by Kay K. Cook 



The End of the Horizon (formerly titled Nemo 1934) by Debora Threedy
Received a full production in 2007 at Plan B Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah

Opaline by Mary Fengar-Gail
Placed with agent Bret Adams, Ltd.

The Moor Lark by Jan Henson-Dow


Early Poe by Dan Trujillo

Breaking the Shakespeare Code by John Minigan

The Thousand Pound Marriage by Richard A. Kalinoski




Di Esperienza by Matthew Ivan Bennett
Received a full production at Plan B Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah

Father Mike by T.J. Edwards

Germinous Seeds by David Rush



Big Dance by Jim Lord

Nell Gwyn by Fred C. Adams
Script optioned for full production by 1st Stage Theatre in Tysons Corner, Virginia



Behold by Tom Cavanaugh

The Zapruder Film by Todd Goodlett

Making Waves by Amanda Waterhouse


Lying to Spielberg by Bill Nabel

The Galt Regency by Judy Montague

King of the Cats by Glenn Barrett


The Greater Love by Frankie Little Hardin

Turquoise Wind by Kurt Proctor

Play Desdemona by Daniel Hintzsche


Shunned by Larry Parr

Twenty Seven by Edward Morgan

Adam & Yoshi by Tom Cavanaugh 



Six Seconds by Rose-Mary Harrington

Breakout by Dan Borengasser

Hamlet's Shakespeare by Mary Jane Schaefer



Affluence by Steven Peterson

Caesar's Blood by Rich Rubins

Closure by James McLindon


One Big Union by Debora Threedy

How To Fight Loneliness by Neil LaBute


Shrew! by Amy Freed

Pearl's in the House by Art Manke


Gertrude and Claudius adapted by Mark St. Germain from the Novel by John Updike

Shakespeare’s Worst! A Play on a Play by Mike Reiss with Nick Newlin