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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Education Courses at the Utah Shakespeare Festival

10 FAQs

Welcome to the exciting world of the Utah Shakespeare Festival! Our education courses, designed for theatre enthusiasts, educators, aspiring actors, and students, offer a unique learning experience. Here are some common queries about our courses to help you understand what we offer:

1. Who are these education courses for?

Our education courses cater to a broad audience. They are designed for aspiring actors honing their skills, educators seeking professional development and continuing education credits, theatre lovers keen to deepen their understanding of theatrical arts, and students looking for a hands-on experience in a world-class professional theatre setting.

2. What types of courses does the Utah Shakespeare Festival offer?

The festival offers a variety of courses, both online and in-person. These include online courses designed to enrich the theatre experience, in-person professional development for educators, and sleep-away summer camps for youth offering practical, hands-on experience.

3. What added value can I get from my Festival experience by taking these courses?

By participating in these courses, you can gain an in-depth understanding of theatre, engage with artists, and earn continuing education credits. These continuing education credits are granted through Southern Utah University, and transfer to other states. Our courses offer an elevated Festival experience by introducing a variety of perspectives and lenses through which to view live theatre, and opportunities for educators to enrich their teaching practice through intensive 3-day professional development courses at the Festival. Furthermore, our summer camps offer an immersive theatre experience, including interactions with professional actors, designers, and technicians, and the opportunity to perform in a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

4. What is the goal of the online courses?

Our online courses aim to enrich your theatre experience, whether you’re earning continuing education credits or simply broadening your knowledge. Each module encourages learners to view theatre through the perspective of different types of artists, offering insights into the many art forms involved in theatre production. Participants will have access to exclusive interviews with artists and company members, and interactive discussions where you can post your ideas and thoughts. 

5. How flexible are these online courses?

Our courses are self-paced, allowing you to move through them at your own speed. They are built around attending performances at the Festival, and can be accessed at any time during the season.

7. What kind of interaction can I expect in these online courses?

All participants will receive individualized feedback and comments from the education director, Katherine Norman.

8. What are the in-person educator courses like?

We offer four in-person courses for educators here at the Festival. Come spend an intensive three or four days with a small group of like-minded teachers and dive into topics like theatre tech, teaching Shakespeare, or using theatre as a method for teaching multiple subjects. All in-person courses include attending performances together!

9. What opportunities does the festival offer for students?

Our summer camps are perfect for students ages 12-18 seeking to develop their theatre skills and interact with professional actors, designers, and technicians. The camps offer hands-on experience in a world-class professional theatre setting, including performing in a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. We offer both day camps and sleep-away camps, designed to cater to students’ different needs and preferences.

10. How can I enroll in these online courses and find more information about the summer camps?

Enrollment details for online courses and detailed information about the summer camps are available here.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival’s educational courses offer an enriching and immersive experience, whether you’re an educator, a theatre lover, or an aspiring actor. We invite you to join us and deepen your appreciation and understanding of the theatrical arts.

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