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King John Preview

Corey Jones
Melinda Pfundstein
Jeanne Paulsen
Bailey Duncan

Corey Jones

Melinda Pfundstein

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Robynn Rodriguez

First play in the Festival History Cycle

Part of the Complete-the-Canon Project

Key Characters:

King John, son of King Henry II and Elinor of Aquitaine, played by Corey Jones

Prince Henry: The son of King John, played by Zack Powell

Hubert de Burgh: A citizen of Angiers and later in the service of King John, played by Roderick Peeples

Philip the Bastard: A fictional character, the Bastard is the illegitimate son of Lady Faulconbridge and King Richard I, played by Steve Wojtas

Queen Elinor: The widow of King Henry II and the mother of the late King Richard I and of King John, Elinor supports John’s claim to the throne. Played by Jeanne Paulsen

Constance: The wife of Geoffrey, John’s older brother, and the mother of Arthur, she supports her son’s claim to the throne. Played by Melinda Pfundstein

Arthur, Duke of Britain: The son of Geoffrey and Constance, Arthur has a stronger claim to the throne than John, but is only a child. Played by Bailey Duncan.


Beginning with struggles for power between kings, churches, and individuals, and continuing through war, revenge, and eventual murder, King John is one of Shakespeare’s most revealing history plays. Set during the period when the nobles were changing the face of English government and forcing the king to sign the Magna Carta, this intriguing and rarely-produced play is one you won’t want to miss.

You can read more about the characters and plot on our website at http://www.bard.org/plays/john2013.html

King John opens in preview on June 26 and plays through August 30. You can purchase tickets online at www.bard.org or by calling 800-PLAYTIX.

Jeanne Paulsen

Bailey Duncan

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