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Utah Shakespeare Festival Blog - Love’s Labour’s Lost Preview

Mueller & Pfundstein 2013, Love’s Labour’s Lost





Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Laura Gordon

Part of the “Complete the Canon” Project

Key Characters:

Ferdinand: The king of Navarre, Ferdinand wishes to turn his court into “a little Academe” and elicits an immature vow from his closest followers to remain with him for three years as celibate scholars. Played by Quinn Mattfeld.

Berowne: A lord attending the king, Berowne is the most outspoken of the four friends. Played by Matt Mueller.

Longaville: A lord attending the king, Longaville quickly forsakes the oath of chastity. Played by Robert Adelman Hancock.

Dumaine: A lord attending the king, Dumaine rounds out the group of four friends. Played by Jeb Burris.

Don Adriano de Armado: “A fantastical Spaniard”, Don Armado is a parody of a courtly lover. Played by Matt Zambrano.

The Princess of France: Sent by her father the king, the princess is high-spirited and witty, a perfect match for King Ferdinand. Played by Melissa Graves.

Rosaline: A lady attending the princess, Rosaline is nearest in seniority to the princess herself. Played by Melinda Pfundstein.

**Maria:**A lady attending the princess, played by Elizabeth Telford.

Katherine: A lady attending the princess, played by Siobhan Doherty.


All is peaceful in King Ferdinand’s court, where he and his idealistic friends have resolved to dedicate themselves to three years of fasting, study—and no women. Peaceful, that is, until the beautiful princess of France and her ladies arrive. Could the lesson of this, one of Shakespeare’s most delightful comedies, be that “young blood doth not obey an old degree?”

You can learn more about Love’s Labour’s Lost at http://www.bard.org/plays/loveslabours2013.html.

Love’s Labour’s Lost opens June 24 and plays through August 31. You can purchase tickets online at www.bard.org or by calling 800-PLAYTIX.


Mueller & Pfundstein 2013, Love’s Labour’s Lost

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