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Amanda Ellis and Alex Allred- Guest Bloggers

If you’ve seen  Peter and the Starcatcher or Twelve Angry Men, then you have likely noticed Christopher R Ellis.  Today, we are pleased to introduce Amanda Ellis who is also working for the Festival.

Have you ever worked at the Festival before?

I have not worked at the Festival before, but I have attended.

What is your title/role?

I work in the box office.

Where’s your home base?

Right now, I live in Oak Park, Illinois just outside of Chicago.  But I am originally from Idaho.

What’s your educational/training background?

I have a BA in Secondary Education with majors in Theatre and Speech Communication from Idaho State University.  I participated in various aspects of theatre throughout my university years.

Where were you working in the last 9 months?

I am a substitute teacher in four western Chicago suburbs.

How will you spend your time off while here?

I want to go camping and hiking.  I would love to go to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas as well. 

Describe what live theatre means to you.

Live theatre provides mankind with living art.  It helps connect people to literature.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

I am so thrilled to be a part of this!


Also featured today is Alex Allred who plays Reverend Henry T. Dobson in this season’s  Anything Goes.

Have you ever worked at the Festival before?

No, this is my first year.

Where’s your home base?

Scottsdale, Arizona

What’s your educational/training background?

BFA in Classical Acting at Southern Utah University

How will you spend your time off while here*?*

I will be seeing the sights and enjoying the events in town before I leave Cedar City.

Describe what live theatre means to you.

Theatre is an art form that is alive. It thrives off of the moment and the audience.  Everyone in the room (actors, technicians, audience members) all work together and feed off of each other to create something spectacular.

Thank you both for your contributions to the Festival!

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