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The Comedy of Errors Preview

Jonathon Smoots
Drew Shirley
Misha Fristensky
Roderick Peeples
Chris Amos
Aaron Galligan-Stierle

Jonathon Smoots

Drew Shirley

Misha Fristensky

The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare

Directed by Brad Carroll

This week, we’re opening the Stage Door for The Comedy of Errors**,** a romp of disguise and mistaken identity. Today’s preview is the first look behind The Comedy of Errors’ stage door; check back each day this week on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as we bring you director and actor interviews as well as podcasts, design renderings and more.

Principal Characters:

Solinus, duke of Ephesus, played by Jonathon Smoots: Functioning mainly as a sympathetic ear allowing Egeon’s story to be told, Solinus is a noble and compassionate duke, but one who also believes that law must be followed, thus prompting his condemnation of Egeon.

Egeon, played by Roderick Peeples: A merchant from Syracuse, Egeon is the father of twin boys (both named Antipholus) and the husband of Emilia. He is sentenced to death for venturing into the enemy city of Ephesus while looking for his lost son. In the end, however, he is reunited with his entire family.

Antipholus of Ephesus, played by Drew Shirley: The son of Solinus and Emilia and twin brother of Antipholus of Syracuse, this Antipholus, after being separated from his father and brother in a shipwreck, ends up in Ephesus where he has become an established citizen.

Antipholus of Syracuse, played by Chris Amos: The son of Solinus and Emilia and twin brother of Antipholus of Ephesus, this Antipholus ended up with his father after the shipwreck, but has recently set out looking for his lost twin, which eventually brings him to Ephesus.

Dromio of Ephesus, played by Misha Fristensky: The slave of Antipholus of Ephesus and twin of Dromio of Syracuse, this Dromio lives a melancholy life with his master in Ephesus.

Dromio of Syracuse, played by Aaron Galligan-Stierle: The slave of Antipholus of Syracuse and twin of Dromio of Ephesus, this Dromio is traveling with his master when the play begins.


Antipholus and Dromio are bewildered. Every dusty road they turn down looks just like the last one, and every prospector and saloon girl seems to know more about them than they know about themselves. The more they try to unravel the lunatic events swirling around them, the more farcical their lives become. It’s double the laughter with two sets of twins and twice the fun when Shakespeare’s hysterical comedy is re-imagined in the California gold rush of 1849.

For more details (synopsis, podcasts, etc.) about this play, please visit http://www.bard.org/plays/comedy2014.html

The Comedy of Errors opens June 23 in preview and runs through August 30. You can buy tickets at www.bard.org or by calling 800-PLAYTIX.

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Roderick Peeples

Chris Amos

Aaron Galligan-Stierle

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