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Bree Murphy- Guest Blogger

Bree Murphy as Jack’s Mother and James Sanders as Jack in Into the Woods.
Hiking in Oregon with my husband (Chuck McLane USF season 2011)

Bree Murphy worked for the Festival’s Education Tour back in 2008 and is ecstatic to be in 3 shows this season. She is playing Jack’s Mother inInto the Woods, Mistress Quickly in Henry IV Part 1 and Mistress Overdone in Measure for Measure. Below is more information about the talented Bree Murphy. 

Have you ever worked at the Festival before? If so, for how many years and in what roles/capacity?

I was a part of the Romeo and  Juliet Educational Tour in 2008 as The Nurse.

What brought you to Utah Shakespeare Festival?

I first came to the festival for the Kennedy Center/ACTF competition in 1997. It was a competition for college students and 10 selected high school students. I was 16 years old. The Adams was covered in snow and I told my dad who was my chaperone for the weekend, that I would perform on that stage one day; here I am 14 years later.

Bree Murphy as Jack’s Mother and James Sanders as Jack in Into the Woods.

What brought you to your field and what keeps you doing your craft?

Audiences, stories to share, the sense of the magnetism a live performance gives all who are present. This is not the only thing I can do, it is the greatest use of my empathetic nature. I take others on a journey of a life fully realized complete with all the unsavoriness, joy, pain, and humanity that I can embody within each character I am fortunate enough to explore.

Where’s your home base?

Such a beautifully complicated question. Until August, my awesome husband and cats live in Irvine, California; after that it is our desire to make ourselves a home in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Riverside, California and spent a good portion of my professional working experience on the Central Coast of California, my second home.

What’s your education/training background?

That SCETA competition in 1997 brought me to the attention of Paul Barnes and PCPA (The Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts). I spent 2 years and summers in that certificate program. After, I transferred to Stephen College for women in Columbia, MO to complete my BFA. I then went out and started my professional life with the great fortune of 10 years continual work that took me to many incredible cities in the western United States. 3 years ago, it was time for a deeper reflection of my work and process as an actor so, I applied for and subsequently had the honor to be accepted into the MFA program at UC Irvine. This summer, I turned in my thesis on a Monday and was here to start rehearsals on Wednesday.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Meeting this incredible community. I’ve reveled in getting to know the acting, technical, and administrative community of the company but my greatest joy lies in meeting the people who traverse distances to be a part of the story in the form of the most important character in any play, the audience.

Hiking in Oregon with my husband (Chuck McLane USF season 2011)

Who/What inspired you to pursue your dream of acting/designing?

My mother and father. And the greatest actress I’ve even known, Leslie Brott.

How will you spend your time off while here?

Hiking, camping, more hiking! I’m excited for Groovefest and the Neil Simon Festival as well!

What is your favorite musical/play/Shakespeare play?

Musical: Sweeny Todd

Shakespeare: Comedy: Twelfth Night, Tragedy: King Lear, History: Richard III

What is your dream role?

The one that has yet to be written. I aspire to create a story new and untold.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

Self confidence in any and all circumstances or Omni-Linguism.

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