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The Liar: A Summary in Verse

Brandon Burk (left) as Cliton, Betsy Mugavero as Clarice, and Jeb Burris as Dorante in The Liar.


Brandon Burk (left) as Cliton, Betsy Mugavero as Clarice, and Jeb Burris as Dorante in The Liar.

 ### By Kathryn Neves

Editor’s Note: Kathryn Neves has been writing blog posts and news releases for the Festival for several months now, and decided with this assignment to stretch her creative wings a bit. Her clever synopsis of The Liar, is written in rhymed verse, the same style as David Ives’s translation of the play being presented at the Festival.

Twins, disguise, and maidens who conspire
Are all a part of this season’s The Liar!
Now, all these shenanigans might make you dizzy;
So let this rhymed synopsis keep you busy.
We open with Dorante— a lying jerk,
And Cliton who just can’t make lying work.
When sly Dorante first meets the cute Clarice,
He thinks that she’s her BFF, Lucrece!
And Cliton falls in love with Isabelle—
Not knowing that she has a “twin from hell.”
Meanwhile, Dorante’s old dad comes into town
To get his son to wed and settle down.
He makes a deal with afore-mentioned Clarice
(Or, as Dorante might know her, sweet Lucrece.)
“No, don’t!” Says Dorante, thinking on the spot;
“I have a wife! And I love her a lot!”
The ladies have been watching this whole spiel.
They’ll meet Dorante. They’ll find out his weird deal.
But just in case, they’ll do a switcheroo.
It’s now “Lucrece” Dorante will come to woo!
Now Dorante courts “Lucrece” and not “Clarice,”
While Clarice acts as Lucrece’s mouthpiece.
And if you think it’s real confusing now,
Just wait. Dorante gets in a real row:
A fight with Clarice’s fiancé, Alcippe.
And now the real Lucrece loves Dorante. Eep!
Will dad find out that Dorante lied?
Will Dorante ever find a bride?
Will identities be unswapped?
Can this comedy be topped?
The Utah Shakespeare Fest has all of this!
Come and see. It’s not a play to miss.

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