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Peter Pan: Activities and Questions for Discussion

  • In the book, Peter Pan, the narrator describes Neverland as “a map of a person’s mind.” He says each person’s “Neverland varies a good deal.” What does your Neverland look like? Draw a map which includes what your Neverland contains.
  • When Peter Pan was written, children often played make-believe with pirates and Indians. If J.M. Barrie were writing Peter Pan today, what sorts of make-believe characters and adventures would the story contain?
  • In most productions, Captain Hook and Mr. Darling are played by the same actor. What are their similarities and differences within the story?
  • Does having a female actor add to or take away from the character of Peter Pan?
  • When staging Peter Pan, it is not always feasible to lift actors into the air via a wire system to simulate flying. As a producer, director, or designer what other solutions can you come up with to make the actors and the audience soar?
  • J.M Barrie created the story of Peter Pan after imagining that some of the children he had befriended learned how to fly. Create a fanciful story about a few of your friends traveling to a magical land. How will they get there? What challenge will they face when they arrive? How will they return? Will they be different because of their journey?
  • What happens to Peter after the play ends? With Hook, and the Lost Boys no longer in Neverland, and with Jane at his side, what new adventures will Peter discover?
  • Where did Peter come from? How did he end up in Neverland?
  • Peter Pan has been performed on stage for more than one hundred years. Why? What has made this story so popular? Why is it popular with children, and why is it also popular with adults?
  • Peter says he came to the nursery window to hear Wendy’s stories, because none of his friends knew any. If you could only share one story with a child, which would it be?
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