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Activities: Othello

The Green-Eyed Monster

Draw Jealousy—the green-eyed monster. Art may include text and symbols. Write a paragraph explaining your picture. 

Character Garden

Iago says, “Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners” (1.3.319–21).
Draw a picture of the character gardens of Othello, Iago, Emilia, and Desdemona. Items in the
garden should represent the character’s ideals. What do you want to plant in yourself? Draw your own garden with items representing characteristics you would like to grow in your own life. 

You’re the Writer

Rewrite Othello’s “Put Out the Light” speech in 5.2.1–22 or Amelia’s “Let Husbands Know” speech in 4.3.84–103 in modern language. Try to include several idioms, allusions, and other
examples of figurative language.   

You’re the Actor

Option One: Monologue

Pick a speech of at least ten lines. Repeat the speech using several different techniques. Try it dramatically, angrily, humorously, sarcastically. Try emphasizing different words to change the

Option Two: Dialogue

Pick a bit of dialogue of at least ten lines. Play the scene using several different techniques. Trying it dramatically, angrily, humorously, and sarcastically. Try emphasizing different words and swapping roles to change the meaning of the words. 

You’re the Designer

Create costume designs that illustrate the story line behind one of the main characters. Pay attention to the feelings that can be created by color and line. Consider what era you want to set
the play in and what impact that will have on the play.

Father to Daughter

Write or improvise a scene between Desdemona and her father the night before her elopement. Imagine he has discovered her feelings for Othello and has come to give her his opinion. What happens between them? Consider questions not specified in the play such as what happened to Desdemona’s mother? What was her first impression of Othello? 

First Meeting

Write or improvise the scene in which Desdemona and Othello meet for the first time. What are their impressions of each other? What is the setting? Who else was there and how do they react? 

New Ending

Choose one detail of action from the play and change it. Imagine Rodrigo gives up on Desdemona and leaves Cyprus without telling Iago, or that Desdemona never dropped her
handkerchief, etc. How does this affect the ending of the play? This doesn’t mean that everyone is happily ever after.

Hidden Motives

Write a speech or journal entry by Iago giving a full explanation of why he hates “the Moor” so much.

Life Story

Othello woes Desdemona by telling her“the story of [his] life. From year to year.” Write out and tell one of Othello’s stories. In it include a reference to at least one of the things mentioned in his explanation speech in 1.3.128–70. 

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