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Characters: 1776

John Hancock: President of the 1776 Continental Congress, John Hancock, put the first and largest signature on the Declaration of Independence.

Dr. Josiah Bartlett: A New Hampshire delegate, Dr. Josiah Bartlett sides in favor of independence.

John Adams: A Massachusetts delegate, John Adams is the leading voice for separation from England and the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately his tendency toward fiery rhetoric makes him generally disliked by other Congress members.

Stephen Hopkins: A Rhode Island delegate, Stephen Hopkins is given to indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Roger Sherman: A Connecticut delegate, Roger Sherman sides in favor of independence and is on the committee to write the Declaration.

Lewis Morris: A New York delegate, Lewis Morris abstains from the original vote.

Robert Livingston: A New York delegate, Robert Livingston is a member of the committee assigned to write the Declaration.

Reverend John Witherspoon: A New Jersey delegate, the Reverend John Witherspoon, argues for, and wins, the inclusion of the Supreme Being in the Declaration.

Benjamin Franklin: A Pennsylvania delegate, Benjamin Franklin is urbane and cool-headed. His logic often prevails where the emotions of other fail. He and Adams lead the charge for independence.

John Dickinson: A Pennsylvania delegate, John Dickinson leads a group of Congress members who favor petitioning King George III with their grievances rather than declaring independence from England.

James Wilson: A Pennsylvania delegate, James Wilson casts the final vote to approve the Declaration, not because of his own belief in the cause, but because he does not want to be remembered in history as “the man who prevented American independence.”

Caesar Rodney: A Delaware delegate, Caesar Rodney works hard for independence, despite the fact that he is suffering from skin cancer.

Colonel Thomas McKean: A Delaware delegate, Colonel Thomas McKean is Scottish and very vocal.

George Read: A Delaware delegate, George Read is opposed to independence and sides with Dickinson.

Samuel Chase: A Maryland delegate, Samuel Chase always seems to be eating. He initially sides with Dickinson.

Richard Henry Lee: A Virginia delegate, Richard Henry Lee is selected to make the argument for independence to the Congress, as Adams is having little luck.

Thomas Jefferson: A Virginia delegate, Thomas Jefferson, in spite of his many protests, is selected to pen the Declaration of Independence.

Joseph Hewes: A North Carolina delegate, Joseph Hewes sides with Rutledge on the slavery issue, demanding the Declaration allow slavery.

Edward Rutledge: A South Carolina delegate, Edward Rutledge is opposed to the Declaration of Independence because of his passionate opposition to the document’s call for an end to slavery.

Dr. Lyman Hall: A Georgia delegate, Dr. Lyman Hall initially sides with Dickinson.

Charles Thompson: The secretary of the Congress.

Andrew McNair: The custodian and bell-ringer.

Abigail Adams: Wife of John Adams, her communications with John tell some of the story of the Declaration and much of the story of her and John’s love and life.

Martha Jefferson: The young and beautiful wife of Thomas Jefferson, Martha Jefferson is brought to Philadelphia to help dispel Jefferson’s writer’s block.

A Leather Apron: A leather worker.

A Painter: An artist who paints Benjamin Franklin’s portrait.

A Courier: A young messenger for Congress.

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