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Characters: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Characters: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theseus: The duke of Athens, Theseus is betrothed to Hippolyta, the warrior queen. His nuptial day is at hand, and, while the other lovers are agitated, bewildered, and incensed, Theseus remains in calm possession of his joy. He is a good and thoughtful ruler.

Hippolyta: The warrior queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta is betrothed to Theseus. She has been captured by, and is subject to, her intended husband, but is also strong and wise in her own right.

Philostrate: As master of the revels at Duke Theseus's court, Philostrate is responsible for planning the court entertainments, including the wedding party.

Egeus: The father of Hermia, Egeus insists on his rights as a father to choose his daughter's husband.

Hermia: The daughter of Egeus, Hermia, despite her father's wishes and threats, is in love with Lysander and is the strongest of the four lovers whose adventures in the enchanted wood are the centerpiece of the play.

Lysander: The least distinctive of the four young lovers, Lysander is, however, deeply and tenderly in love with Hermia.

Demetrius: Also in love with Hermia, Demetrius was, before the play opened, in love with Helena, and, by play's end, is again is love with her.

Helena: The last of the four young lovers, Helena is obsessed with Demetrius, even to the extent of shaming herself and betraying her friend, Hermia.

Oberon: King of the fairies, Oberon works the magic that ensures the triumph of love that is the focus of the play. He gives an unpleasant first impression, but, in the end, he is a gentle and good-natured king and a playful husband.

Titania: Queen of the fairies, Titania leads a luxurious, merry life, given to the pleasures of the senses, the secrets of nature, and the powers of flowers and herbs.

Puck: Oberon's servant, Puck is a happy-go-lucky practical joker. He is the source of much of the confusion for all the lovers.

Fairies: Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed attend upon Titania and later on Nick Bottom. Shakespeare's portrayal lends them a charm that was not always agreed upon in Elizabethan times.

Peter Quince: A carpenter, Peter Quince is the leader of the “rustics,” a band of country citizens who plan on presenting the play Piramus and Thisbe for the wedding celebration of Theseus and Hippolyta.

Nick Bottom: A weaver and one of the “rustics,” Nick Bottom is a “hale fellow” with all his mates. He is easy-going, kind, and pleasant. It is Bottom who gets caught in the middle of the quarrel between Oberon and Titania and is changed into an ass with whom Titania falls magically in love.

Francis Flute: A bellows mender, Francis Flute is also one of the “rustics.”

Tom Snout: A tinker, Tom Snout is one of the “rustics.”

Snug: A joiner, Snug is one of the “rustics.”

Robin Starveling: A tailor, Robin Starveling is one of the “rustics.”