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Characters: A Streetcar Named Desire

Characters: A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche DuBois: A sensitive, delicate, moth-like member of the fading Southern aristocracy, about thirty years old, she has just lost her teaching position in Laurel, Mississippi, because of her promiscuity. She, therefore, left Mississippi and as the play opens arrives at the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Stella and Stanley Kowalski.

Stella Kowalski: Blanche’s younger sister, about twenty-five years old, she is married to Stanley and lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. As the play opens we learn that she is pregnant with their first child. She is happy in her marriage and her home; however, much to the consternation of Blanche, she has forgotten her genteel upbringing in order to enjoy a more common existence.

Stanley Kowalski: A rather common working man, about twenty-eight to thirty years old, his main drive in life is sexual. He is a former master sergeant in the engineer corps and faces everything and everybody in his life with a brutal realism.

Harold Mitchell (Mitch): Stanley’s friend who went through the war with him, he is unmarried and has a dying mother for whom he feels a great devotion. He is one of a group of men who gather regularly at the Kowalski home for poker. He, however, is a bit gentler than the others and even plans to marry Blanche until he learns of her unsavory past.

Steve Hubell: A neighbor of the Kowalskis, he is one of the men who gather to play poker.

Eunice Hubell: The wife of Steve, she is a good friend to Stella.

Pablo: Another of Stanley’s poker-playing buddies.

A Negro Woman

A Doctor: An employee at the state mental institution, he comes to commit Blanche and is able to comfort her.

A Nurse: An assistant to the doctor.

A Young Man: A subscription collector for the newspaper.

A Mexican Woman