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Characters: Amadeus

Characters: Amadeus

Antonio Salieri: Court composer and later imperial kapellmeister to Joseph II, emperor of Austria, Salieri is ambitious and has promised to dedicate his life and talents to God in return for fame as a composer. He found success in the emperor’s court and is part of a faction of Italians who advise the emperor on cultural matters. However, once Mozart arrives on the scene and Salieri hears his exquisite work, he feels betrayed by God and lets his feelings of mediocrity, jealousy, and bitterness consume him. He vows to destroy Mozart as way to get back at God.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A child prodigy from Salzburg, Austria, and a genius composer, Mozart is seeking a position in the emperor’s court. He is extravagant, arrogant, juvenile, foul-mouthed, and impulsive in social and political situations, but creates unbelievably remarkable music. He eventually loses support in court, and, unable to secure a steady income, becomes a poverty-stricken alcoholic and struggles to survive. But he always remains true to his music.

Constanze (Stanzi) Weber: Mozart’s wife whom he married against his father’s wishes, Weber loves and supports him in his work through every humiliation and hardship. Though both are cavalier and juvenile, she is more responsible and practical and even willing to sacrifice herself for him.

Joseph II: Emperor of Austria and brother of Marie Antoinette, Joseph II enjoys and supports Mozart’s music but is ultimately persuaded by Salieri and others at court to cut him off.

Count Johann Kilian von Strack: Chamberlain of the Imperial Chamber, von Strack is a stiff and proper court official.

Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg: Plump and supercilious, Orsini-Rosenberg is director of the Imperial Opera.

Baron Gottfried van Swieten: Prefect of the Imperial Library, van Swieten is cultivated and serious. He is known as “Lord Fugue” and is ardent Freemason.

Kapellmeister Guiseppe Bonno: The Royal choral director

Two “Venticelli”: Gossips who work for Salieri and provide him with information on Mozart’s private affairs

Salieri’s Valet and Cook  

Teresa Salieri: Wife of Salieri

Katherina Cavalieri: Salieri’s promising pupil who has affairs with both Salieri and Mozart

Major-Domo: A servant of a prominent baroness


Servants and Citizens of Vienna