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Characters: Antony and Cleopatra

Characters: Antony and Cleopatra

Mark Antony: A loyal follower of the murdered Julius Caesar, Antony is now a member of Rome’s ruling triumvirate. He is a successful and canny politician and a great warrior. He is a masterful leader who, in middle age, finds himself in love and totally preoccupied with the exotic queen of the Nile, Cleopatra.

Octavius Caesar: Julius Caesar’s choice to succeed him, Octavius is a member of the ruling triumvirate. He is cunning in his desire for total power. To him, everyone is expendable.

M. Aemilius Lepidus: The third member of the triumvirate, Lepidus is a man of little power or influence.

Sextus Pompeius: A Roman general, Pompey is the last focus of opposition to the triumvirate.

Domitius Enobarbus: A loyal friend to Antony, Enobarus sees the dangers in Antony’s relationship with Cleopatra.

Ventidius: A friend to Antony.

Eros: A friend to Antony

Scarus: A friend to Antony

Dercetas: A friend to Antony

Demetrius: A friend to Antony

Philo: A friend to Antony.

Candidius: Lieutenant-general to Antony

Maecenas: A friend to Caesar

Agrippa: A friend to Caesar

Dolabella: A friend to Caesar

Proculeius: A friend to Caesar

Thidias: A friend to Caesar

Gallus: A friend to Caesar

Taurus: Lieutenant-general to Caesar

Menas: A friend to Pompey

Menecrates: A friend to Pompey

Varrius: A friend to Pompey

Silius: An officer in Ventidius’s army

Schoolmaster: Acts as an ambassador from Antony to Caesar

Alexas: An attendant on Cleopatra

Mardian: A eunuch, attendant on Cleopatra

Seleucus: An attendant on Cleopatra

Diomedes: An attendant on Cleopatra


Lamprius: A Roman appearing as a mute

Rannius: A Roman appearing as a mute

Lucillius: A Roman appearing as a mute

A Clown

Cleopatra: The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is perhaps the most exotic and romantic figure of her time. She is also an adroit politician who has survived Rome’s conquest as well as the other political difficulties of her day. She is extremely intelligent, as well as beautiful and is seldom gotten the best of. She finds herself in love, perhaps for the first time, with Antony.

Octavia: A sister to Octavius, Octavia becomes Antony’s wife in an attempt to mend relationships between Antony and Octavius

Charmian: An attendant to Cleopatra

Iras: An attendant to Cleopatra.

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