The Professional Theatre at Southern Utah University

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Characters: Anything Goes

Characters: Anything Goes

Reno Sweeney: A sexy evangelist turned nightclub dancer

Hope Harcourt: A beautiful debutante

Evangeline Harcourt: Hope’s mother, a widow

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh: A wealthy Englishman

Elisha Whitney: A goggle-eyed tycoon

Billy Crocker: Whitney’s young assistant

Moonface Martin: A hapless gangster, Public Enemy #13

Erma: A sexy gangster’s gal

Luke and John: Two Chinese converts

Ship’s Captain

Ship’s Purser

Ship’s Crew and Passengers

Angel #1, #2, #3, #4: Showgirls with Reno’s act

Male Quartet: Sailors

Fred: A bartender

Henry T. Dobson: A minister

Two Reporters

A News Photographer

Two FBI Agents

An Old Lady in a Wheelchair