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Characters: Around the World in 80 Days

Characters: Around the World in 80 Days

Phileas Fogg: A wealthy Englishman, Phileas Fogg is tall and blond and has a mustache and blue eyes.

James Forester: Fogg's ex-servant/valent

Passepartout: Fogg's new servant/valent, Passepartout is a Frenchman.

Detective Fix: A stuffy detective from Scotland Yard, Fix is looking for a bank robber who took twenty thousand pounds from the Bank of England.

Mrs. Aouda: A beautiful Indian woman, Aouda falls in love with Fogg when he rescues her.

Foley Artist: Creates the world of sounds for the expedition

Gauthier Ralph: A member of the Reform Club, Flanagan is of the men who wagers twenty-thousand pounds.

Andrew Stuart: A member of the Reform Club, Fallentin is one of the men who wagers twenty-thousand pounds.

John Sullivan: A member of the Reform Club, Sullivan is one of the men who wagers twenty-thousand pounds.

Newspaperman: An English newspaper reporter.

Tally Master: Tracks Fogg's journey around the world.

A Beggar: At the Charing Cross Station where Fogg begins his journey, the Beggar receives twenty guineas from Fogg.

The British Consul at Suez: A British consul/clerk, he stamps passports and give information.

Chinese Broker: a tradesman at the Hong Kong Silk Exchange.

Ship Clerk: Steamer ticket seller in Hong Kong.

Director of Police: At Bombay Police headquarters.

Three Priests: In Bombay, the priests attack Passpartout.

Young Parsi: Very lower class Indian guide

Sir Francis Cromarty: An English army officer, Cromarty is slightly pompous but friendly.

Two Train Conductors: In India

An Elephant Owner: An elephant owner/salesman in India.

Judge Obadiah: The formidable English judge in Calcutta who hears the case against Fogg

Oysterpuff: Young Indian policeman/court clerk

Bunsby: Spunky captain of the Tankadere between Hong Kong and Yokahama.

Conductor: A red-blooded American train conductor

Engineer: A U.S. train engineer.

Proctor: Feisty western pioneer/cattleman

Mudge: a western prairie curmudgeon.

Conductor in Chicago: A U. S. train conductor.

Clerk: A ticket clerk for New York to London steamers.

Ship Engineer: A practical Yankee seaman.

Captain Speedy: Captain of the S. S. Henrietta, Speedy refuses to take Fogg to Liverpool.

Train Clerk: In Liverpool

Reverend Wilson's Servant: A chatty servant in London.