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Characters: As You Like It

Duke Senior: The banished duke, Senior is Rosalind’s father, Celia’s uncle, and Frederick’s brother.

Duke Frederick: The usurping duke, Frederick is Celia’s father, Rosalind’s uncle, and Senior’s brother.

Amiens: A lord attending Duke Senior.

Jaques: A lord attending Duke Senior.

Le Beau: A courtier attending Duke Frederick.

Charles: A wrestler of Duke Frederick.

Oliver: The eldest son of Sir Rowland de Boys.

Jaques: Not to be confused with the melancholy Jaques, the lord attending Duke Senior, Jaques is the second son of Sir Rowland de Boys.

Orlando: The youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys.

Adam: A servant of Oliver.

Dennis: A servant of Oliver.

Touchstone: A fool or court jester in Duke Frederick’s court.

Sir Oliver Martext: A country vicar.

Corin: A shepherd.

Silvius: A shepherd.

William: A country fellow, in love with Audrey.

A Person Representing Hymen

Rosalind: Daughter of Duke Senior and cousin of Celia.

Celia: Daughter of Duke Frederick and cousin of Rosalind.

Phebe: A shepherdess.

Audrey: A country wench.

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