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Characters: Born Yesterday

Characters: Born Yesterday

Billie Dawn: A charming but poorly educated ex-chorus girl, Billie Dawn is entirely lacking in social graces. Her natural honesty and desire to improve her lot in life, however, soon cause her to experience a wonderful transformation.

Harry Brock: A vulgar and egotistical junkman, Harry Brock has come to Washington full of fraudulent schemes. Loud and verbally and physically abusive of those around him, including Billie, he soon finds his crooked machinations going awry when he crosses her.

Paul Verrall: A young, idealistic reporter, Paul Verrall has been investigating political skullduggery in Washington. He is hired by Harry Brock to educate Billie Dawn and eventually sees past her rough exterior and falls in love with her.

Ed Devery: Harry Brock’s lawyer, thirty years ago Ed Devery was considered a man destined for greatness. Now, with Brock as his only client, the future looks far less bright—but with a salary of $100,000 a year and plenty of fine Scotch, Devery is past caring.

Senator Norval Hedges: Pale, thin, and worn down at sixty years old, Senator Norval Hedges is a nervous politician currently on the payroll of Harry Brock, who plans on using the senator for his own means.

Mrs. Hedges: The wife of Senator Norval Hedges

Eddie Brock: Brother of Harry, Eddie Brock often handles the little details of his older brother’s business, “greasing the wheels,” as it were, with tips and pay-offs.

The Assistant Manager

Helen: A maid

A Bellhop

Another Bellhop

A Barber

A Manicurist

A Bootblack

A Waiter