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Characters: Camelot

Characters: Camelot

Merlyn: Arthur's long-time magician friend and mentor, Merlyn lives “backward.” He can predict the future because he has already lived it. Alas, he is soon to be imprisoned by a nymph named Nimue, and the hapless Arthur will be left to depend upon his own wisdom and experience.

Arthur: Raised and tutored by the magician Merlyn, Arthur, known when a boy as “Wart,” has grown accustomed to having Merlyn do his thinking for him. Then, as a squire for Sir Kay, Arthur innocently pulls a magical sword from an anvil and becomes the somewhat reluctant King Arthur. To complicate matters further, Merlyn soon is imprisoned by Nimue and is no longer around to do Arthur's thinking for him. Soon, however, Arthur proves wiser than he may have ever supposed.

Guenevere: A radiant princess at the play's beginning, Guenevere has reluctantly come to Camelot to accept her fate as bride to King Arthur, whom she has never met. Later, as a loyal and devoted wife, she brings out all the best in her husband. She continues to love and support him in spite of her love for Lancelot.

Sir Dinadan: A knight in Arthur's court, Sir Dinadan is chosen by Guenevere to joust against Lancelot in hopes of humbling the seemingly arrogant knight.

Sir Lionel: An imposing, strong knight in Arthur's court, Sir Lionel also is chosen to attempt defeating Lancelot at jousting.

Sir Sagramore: Another of the knights of Arthur's court.

Lancelot: Often perceived as arrogant, Lancelot initially wants only to serve at Arthur's fabled Round Table and further the cause of might for right. Unfortunately, along with his dedication and devoted friendship he brings unforeseen problems and the seeds of disaster to the courts of Camelot as he falls in love with Queen Guenevere.

Squire Dap: Lancelot's squire.

Pellinore: A comic, elderly knight, Pellinore is in search of a cause. Rusted up in his armor, he and his dog Horrid appear at the courts of Camelot inquiring about a young lad named “Wart.” He soon becomes Arthur's valued and trusted friend.

Mordred: Arthur's son as the result of youthful folly, Mordred hates all the good that his father has created; indeed he hates anything that is good, and is bent on its destruction.

Tom of Warwick: A lad who appears at play's end, Tom of Warwick enchants King Arthur who sees in the boy the fulfillment of his dreams for Camelot.

Lords and Ladies of Camelot