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Characters: Candida

Characters: Candida

Miss Proserpine Garnett: The Reverend Morell’s secretary, Miss Garnett isn’t always civil in her manner; however, she is sensitive, affectionate, and devoted to Morell. Efficiency is her strong suit.

The Reverend James Mavor Morell: A Christian Socialist clergyman, Morell is a popular lecturer and an able clergyman and is able to say what he likes to whom he likes, although always with tact. He is enthusiastic, self confident and generally pleased with himself. He feels he has the perfect relationship with his wife, Candida.

The Reverend Alexander Mill: Morell’s curate, Mill is a conceited, well-intentioned, immature young novice.

Mr. Burgess: Candida’s father, Burgess is a businessman whose practices tend to be determined by economic necessity. He and Morell do not get along well, and he seems unaware of his own coarseness.

Candida: Morell’s wife, Candida is able to manage people quite nicely by engaging their affection. She does so frankly and instinctively, almost without scruple. She is well aware of her sexual attractiveness and is clever enough to make the most of it for her own ends. Her actions also suggest a largeness of mind and dignity of character.

Eugene Marchbanks: A painfully shy youth, Marchbanks is miserably irresolute and hardly knows where to stand or what to do. Sensitive in the extreme, his confidence seems to be found only in the poetry he writes, although he can sometimes be petulant and willful.