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Characters: Charley's Aunt

Characters: Charley's Aunt

Charles (“Charley”) Wykeham: An Oxford undergraduate student, Charley is in love with Amy Spettigue.

Jack Chesney: An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley’s friend, Jack is in love with Kitty Verdun.

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney:  Jack Chesney’s father, Colonel Chesney is visiting his son at Oxford. He first falls for Charley’s aunt’s money, but then makes another discovery.

Stephen Spettigue: Amy’s uncle and Kitty’s guardian, Spettigue is a greedy and irritable solicitor, the “villain” of the story.

Lord Fancourt Babberley (“Babbs”): An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley and Jack’s friend, Babbs grudgingly plays a part in Jack and Charley’s ruse by impersonating Charley’s aunt. He falls in love with Ela.

Brassett: Jack’s manservant

Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez: Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, “where the nuts come from.”

Kitty Verdun: Mr. Spettigue’s ward, Kitty is in love with Jack.

Amy Spettigue: Mr. Spettigue’s niece, Amy is in love with Charley.

Ela Delahay: An orphan, Ela is the adopted niece and traveling companion of Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez. She is loved by Babbs.