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Characters: Coriolanus

Characters: Coriolanus

Caius Martius, afterward, Caius Martius Coriolanus: A Roman soldier and statesman, Coriolanus is headstrong and has little regard for the common people, arguing against any concessions to their representation in the senate. He is also deeply patriotic, as evidenced by his many military successes on Rome’s behalf. He will never accept defeat nor will he easily alter his determination.

Titus Lartius: A Roman general who fights against the Volcians.

Cominius: A Roman general who fights against the Volcians.

Menenius Agrippa: A friend to Coriolanus.

Sicinius Velutus: A tribune who represents the plebians, or commoners, Sicinius Velutus fears Coriolanus’s potential power and conspires against him, declares him a traitor, and drives him into exile.

Junius Brutus: Another tribune who represents the plebians, Junius Brutus joins with Sicinius Velutus against Coriolanus.

Martius: The son of Coriolanus.

Nicanor: A Roman in service of the Volcians.

Tullus Aufidius: General to the Volcians, Tullus Aufidius is a bitter enemy of Coriolanus who later becomes an ally. But he, too, fears Coriolanus potential power.

Adrian: A Volcian.

Volumnia: Mother of Coriolanus, Volumnia is the only person who has the power to change his mind in his revolt against Rome. She has trained him well in the concepts of honor, military glory, and aristocratic arrogance.

Virgilia: Wife of Coriolanus, Virgilia sees no honor or glory in her husband’s military daring, only danger and death. She has virtually no influence over him compared to that of his mother.

Valeria: A friend to Virgilia.