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Characters: Coriolanus

Caius Martius, afterward, Caius Martius Coriolanus: A Roman soldier and statesman.

Titus Lartius: A Roman general who fights against the Volcians.

Cominius: A Roman general who fights against the Volcians.

Menenius Agrippa: A friend to Coriolanus.

Sicinius Velutus: A tribune who represents the plebians, or commoners.

Junius Brutus: Another tribune who represents the plebians.

Martius: The son of Coriolanus.

Nicanor: A Roman in service of the Volcians.

Tullus Aufidius: General to the Volcians.

Adrian: A Volcian.

Volumnia: Mother of Coriolanus.

Virgilia: Wife of Coriolanus.

Valeria: A friend of Virgilia.

Gentlewoman: An attendant of Virgilia.




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