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Characters: Cymbeline

Characters: Cymbeline

Cymbeline: King of Britain during Roman times and the father of Imogen, Cymbeline is quick-tempered and used to having his own way. His second wife, the queen, seems to control him somewhat, or at least he follows her advice more than he probably should. However, whenever he is convinced of a mistake, he does his best to correct it.

Cloten: The son of the queen by a former marriage and, thus, stepson to King Cymbeline, Cloten is slow witted and dull. His mother wants him to marriage Imogen to gain power. In his dull way, he tries to court her, but eventually attempts rape and is killed by Guiderius and Arviragus.

Posthumus Leonatus: A orphaned gentleman, Posthumus Leonatus was raised in the king's household as a playmate to Imogen, the king's daughter. He and Imogen were married against the wishes of the king and queen, who banished him.

Belarius: A British lord and general, Belarius was falsely accused of collaborating with the Romans and therefore banished by Cymbeline. In revenge, he stole Cymbeline's two baby sons and has lived for twenty years in the wilds of Wales, under the name of Morgan, where he has raised the two boys as his own sons.

Guiderius: Cymbeline's older son and heir, Guiderius has been raised as Belarius's son, with the name of Polydor.

Arviragus: Cymbeline's younger son, Arviragus has also been raised as Belarius's son in Wales, with the name of Cadwal.

Philario: AnItalian friend of Posthumus Leonatus

Iachimo: A friend of Philario, Iachimo is cynical and doubts all women's virtue. He plots against Posthumus Leonatus and bets him that he can seduce his wife, Imogen. When he fails, he lies to Posthumus, telling him Imogen has been unfaithful and thus angering Posthumus to the point that he wants his innocent wife dead.

Caius Lucius: General of the Roman forces

Pisanio: Servant of Posthumus, Pisanio is ordered by Posthumus to kill Imogen for her supposed unfaithfulness. Pisanio, however, knows she is innocent and, thus, helps her escape.

Cornelius: A physician

Philarmonus: A Soothsayer

Queen: Never given a name in the play, the queen is Cymbeline's second wife. She is Cloten's mother by an earlier marriage and Imogen's stepmother. Beneath beauty and sweetness, she has an enormous ambition and ruthlessness. She is skilled in manipulating people and is a student of medicines and poisons.

Imogen: The king's daughter by an earlier marriage and the wife of Posthumus Leonatus, Imogen is intelligent, courageous, resourceful, generous, and loyal. Disguising herself as a boy, Fidele, she runs to the wilds of Wales to avoid death at the hands of her husband's servants and/or the queen, as well as the salacious advances of Cloten. There she is taken in by Belarius, Guiderius, and Arviragus. Even though doubted by many during the course of the play, including her husband, she remains true and strong to the end.

Helen: A lady attending Imogen