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Characters: Cymbeline

Characters: Cymbeline

NOTE: The articles in these study guides are not meant to mirror or interpret any particular productions at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. They are meant, instead, to be an educational jumping-off point to understanding and enjoying the play (in any production at any theatre) a bit more thoroughly. Therefore the stories of the plays and the interpretative articles (and even characters at times) may differ from what is ultimately produced on stage.

Also, some of these articles (especially the synopses) reveal the ending and other "surprises" in some plays. If you don't want to know this information before seeing the plays, you may want to reconsider studying this information.

Cymbeline: King of Britain.

Cloten: The son of the queen by a former marriage and, thus, stepson to King Cymbeline.

Posthumus Leonatus: A gentleman and husband of Imogen.

Belarius: A banished lord, disguised under the name of Morgan.

Guiderius: Cymbeline’s son, disguised under the name of Polydor and supposed son of Morgan.

Arviragus: Cymbeline's son, disguised under the name of Cadwal and supposed son of Morgan.

Philario: An Italian friend of Posthumus Leonatus.

Iachimo: An Italian friend of Philario.

Caius Lucius: General of the Roman forces

Pisanio: Servant of Posthumus.

Cornelius: A physician.

Philarmonus: A soothsayer.

Queen: Wife of Cymbeline.

Imogen: The king's daughter by an earlier marriage and the wife of Posthumus Leonatus.

Helen: A lady attending Imogen