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Characters: Cyrano De Bergerac

Characters: Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac: A chivalrous poet, swordsman, playwright, musician, and member of the Cadets of Gascoyne, a company of guards from southern France, Cyrano is cursed with a ridiculously long nose that makes him insecure and keeps him from revealing his love for his cousin Roxane.

Christian de Neuvillette: Perhaps the opposite of Cyrano, Christian is a handsome but simple young nobleman who lacks wit and intelligence. New to Paris and to the cadets, he falls in love with Roxane and joins Cyrano’s company of cadets early in the play.

Comte de Guiche: A powerful, married nobleman in love with Roxane and not fond of Cyrano, de Guiche is deceitful and always angry. He attempts several times to have Cyrano killed, once by a hundred men.

Ragueneau: Cyrano’s friend, Ragueneau is a pastry chef with a deep love for poetry. He gives away pastries in return for poems, and, therefore, innumerable poets visit him frequently.

Le Bret: Cyrano’s friend and closest confidant, Le Bret is a fellow soldier and guardsman. He worries that Cyrano’s principles will ruin his career, but Cyrano ignores Le Bret’s concerns.

Carbon de Castel-Jaloux: Cyrano’s friend and the captain of his company, de Castel-Jaloux is a strong-willed and successful leader.

Vicomte de Valvert: An insolent young nobleman, de Valvert is lauded by de Guiche as a possible husband for Roxane, a scheme that would give de Guiche access to Roxane. After he insults Cyrano’s nose, de Valvert is defeated in an ensuing duel.

Montfleury: A fat, untalented actor, Cyrano bans him from the stage.

Bellerose: The man in charge of the theatre at the Hotel de Bourgogne

Jodelet: A comedian in the theatre at the Hotel de Bourgogne

Cuigy: A minor nobleman and hanger-on, Cuigy is always at the fringe of Paris nightlife.

Lignière: Christian’s friend, Lignière is a satirist and drunkard with many powerful enemies. Cyrano protects him from the hundred men hired by de Guiche to ambush him.

Brissaille: Cuigy’s friend, Brissaille is another minor nobleman.

Bertrandou: A flute player

Roxane: Cyrano’s cousin, Roxane is a beautiful and intellectual heiress. She has a soft spot for romance and a love for poetry and wit

Lise: Ragueneau’s sharp-tongued wife, Lise does not approve of her husband’s patronage of the local poets. An altogether unhappy woman, she leaves Ragueneau for a musketeer.

Mother Marquérite de Jésus: Mother Superior of Roxane’s convent, Marguérite de Jésus is compassionate. She admires and respects Cyrano and therefore allows him to visit whenever he wishes.

Sister Marthe: A nun of Roxane’s convent.

Sister Claire: A nun of Roxane’s convent.

Cavalrymen, Musketeers, Citizens, Poets, etc.