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Characters: Damn Yankees

Characters: Damn Yankees

Joe Boyd (later called Joe Hardy): A middle-aged baseball fanatic, Joe would do anything to help his beloved Washington Senators take the pennant, including selling his soul. In fact, he does strike a deal with the devil, who transforms him into a young slugger who saves the season for the Senators. However, the deal also requires Joe to give up his life, including his beloved wife, Meg.

Meg Boyd: Joe's wife, Meg is devoted and understanding. When Joe disappears, she continues to hope against hope that he will return.

Mr. Applegate: The devil, Applegate is consumed in this play with winning the soul of Joe Boyd, and makes the deal with Joe that the play hinges on: Joe being transformed to a great baseball player for the Washington Senators, in exchange for his soul at the end of the season.

Sister: Meg's friend

Doris: Meg's friend

Henry: A player for the Washington Senators

Sohovik: A catcher for the Washington Senators

Smokey: A pitcher for the Washington Senators

Linville: A player for the Washington Senators

Van Buren: The manager of the Washington Senators

Rocky: An outfielder for the Washington Senators

Gloria Thorpe: A sportswriter that covers the Washington Senators for the local newspaper

Lynch: A reporter

Welch: The owner of the Washington Senators

Bryan: A player for the Washington Senators

Lola: A sexy and beautiful home wrecker on Applegate's "staff," Lola is assigned to seduce Joe and take his mind off his wife, thus fulfilling his contract and losing his soul to the devil. However, deep inside, Lola has a soft heart, especially for Joe.

Bouley: A player for the Washington Senators

Lowe: A player for the Washington Senators

Mickey: A player for the Washington Senators

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