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Characters: Death of a Salesman

Characters: Death of a Salesman

WILLY LOMAN: a traveling salesman, father to Biff and Happy, who has worked for the Wagner firm for thirty-four years; now sixty-one years old and taken off salary and back on straight commission

LINDA LOMAN: Willy's wife, who loves him in spite of all his difficulties

BIFF LOMAN: oldest son of Willy and Linda, who was once a star football player in high school, but who for the last fourteen years has been "unable to find himself," just returned home from somewhere in the West

HAPPY LOMAN: younger son of Willy and Linda, who works in a department store and has his own apartment in another section of town

CHARLEY: a life-long acquaintance of the Lomans who has loaned Willy money every month since Willy was put on straight commission

BERNARD: Charley's son and a very successful lawyer, once a childhood friend of Biff's

BEN: Willy's deceased brother who left home very early and became tremendously wealthy, appears only in Willy's daydreams or illusions

HOWARD WAGNER: Willy's boss, who put him on straight commission and eventually fires him, the son of the former owner of the Wagner Company

MISS FRANCES: A woman in Boston, with whom Willy has an affair

LETTA AND MISS FORSYTHE: Two girls that Happy picks up in a restaurant