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Characters: Gaslight

Jack Manningham: A handsome, well-dressed man of forty-five, Jack’s complete authority over and manipulation of his wife drives her down the road to insanity. There is mystery below the surface and feigned bitterness towards having to put up with his wife’s “condition.”

Bella Manningham: Younger than her husband, Bella is in her mid-thirties. They have been married five years and in that time she has denigrated into a pallid, frightened, and exhausted woman. Every night her husband goes out, leaving her alone in their large house, where sights and sounds fill her mind with fear and impending insanity.

Elizabeth: In her early fifties, Elizabeth is a kind and dutiful servant in the Manningham home.

Nancy: Attractive, impudent, and conniving, Nancy is a serving girl of eighteen in the Manningham home.

Inspector Rough: A friendly and impelling middle-aged man, Inspector Rough comes to the aid of Mrs. Manningham by revealing secrets and mysteries of years past. He, too, has an air of secrecy about him, as he puts the pieces together of the Manningham puzzle.


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