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Characters: Guys and Dolls

Characters: Guys and Dolls

Nathan Detroit: A gambler, con-man, and long-time fiancé of Miss Adelaide, Nathan is continuously trying to find a location for his illegal, but notorious, craps game.

Sarah Brown: Evangelist Sergeant missionary, Sarah Brown is a leader at Broadway’s Save-a-Soul Mission.

Sky Masterson: A high-rolling gambler, Sky accepts a bet from Nathan that he can get any girl of Nathan’s choosing to go on a date with him to Havana, Cuba.                                         

Miss Adelaide: A Hot Box Club performer, Miss Adelaide is the long-time, and long suffering, fiancée of Nathan Detroit.

Arvide Abernathy: Sarah’s grandfather, Arvide is part of the Save-a-Soul Mission band.

General Matilda Cartwright:  Head of the Save-a-Soul Mission.

Rusty Charlie: A gambler

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: A gambler

Benny Southstreet: A gambler

Harry the Horse: A gambler

Angie the Ox: A gambler

Big Julie: A tough gangster from Chicago

Lieutenant Brannigan: A policeman, Lieutenant Brannigan is always on the lookout for Nathan’s floating craps game.