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Characters: Henry IV Part Two

Characters: Henry IV Part Two

King Henry IV: The father of Prince Hal, King Henry still suffers from a guilty conscience at usurping the throne and is unsure his son will ever be fit to be king.

Henry, Prince of Wales: The elder son of King Henry IV, the madcap Prince Hal does eventualy change his ways and become King Henry V

Prince John of Lancaster: The younger son of Henry IV and general of his forces, which are fighting a rebellion by the Yorks to take the throne

Earl of Westmorland: Leader of the royal forces against the rebels

Earl of Northumberland: A leader in the rebellion

Scroop, Archbishop of York: A leader in the rebellion

Lord Mowbray: A leader in the rebellion

Lord Hastings: A leader in the rebellion

Lord Bardolph: A leader in the rebellion

Lady Northumberland: wife of the Earl and mother of the dead Hotspur

Sir John Falstaff: A fool and a jester who "requires two and twenty years of satin" for a suit, Falstaff is the leader of Prince Hal's "tavern friends."

Falstaff's Page

Bardolph: Falstaff's drinking companion

Peto: another of Falstaff's companions

Pistol: Falstaff's "ancient" or ensign, a ranting swaggerer

Poins: Prince Hal's companion at the Boar's Head Tavern

Silence: A country justice

Shallow: A poor esquire

Fang: A sheriff's officer

Snare: A sheriff's officer