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Characters: Henry V

Characters: Henry V

Chorus: A single character that serves as narrator and commentator throughout the five-act play.

English Characters

King Henry V: The young, recently crowned kind of England is strong, determined, bold, and intelligent. Sometimes he is forced to submit his personal feelings and relationships to the requirements of being king. He relentlessly pursues his goal of conquering France.

Dukes of Clarence, Gloucester, and Bedford: Henry’s three younger brothers who are noblemen and fight in the Battle of Agincourt.

Duke of Exeter: Henry’s uncle, he carries important messages to the king of France.

Earls of Salisbury, Westmoreland, and Warwick: Leaders of Henry’s military and trusted advisors.

Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Ely: Wealthy, powerful English clergymen, they do not fight in the battle, but their influence is important in Henry’s decision to invade France.

Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey: English conspirators who are bribed by the French to kill Henry before he sets sail for France.

York and Suffolk: Two of Henry’s noble cousins, they die together at the Battle of Agincourt.

Sir Thomas Erpingham: A wise, elderly veteran of many wars who serves with Henry’s campaign.

Captain Gower: An English army captain.

Captain Fluellen, Captain MacMorris, and Captain Jamy: The captains of Henry’s troops from Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, respectively.

Michael Williams, John Bates, and Alexander Court: Common English soldiers with whom a disguised Henry quarrels the night before the Battle of Agincourt.

Pistol: A London commoner, he is a friend of Bardolph and Nym, and is married to Hostess Quickly. He serves in the battle and tends to be melodramatic.

Bardolph: A London commoner and former friend from Henry’s wild youth, he is a friend of Pistol and Nym. He is hanged for violating Henry’s order to refrain from looting the conquered French towns.

Nym: A London commoner and friend of Pistol and Bardolph, he also serves in the battle and is hanged, like Bardolph, for looting conquered French towns.

Boy: This nameless boy leaves London after his master, Falstaff, dies. He goes with Pistol, Bardolph, and Nym to the war in France.

A Herald

Hostess Quickly: The hostess and keeper of the Boar’s Head Tavern in London, where Henry spent much of his reckless youth. She is married to Pistol and dies of venereal disease.

French Characters

King Charles VI of France: A competent leader who does not underestimate King Henry as his son, the Dauphin, does.

Lewis, the Dauphin: The son of King Charles and heir to the French throne, he is brash and obstinate and tends to mock the English more than prepare to fight them.

Duke of Burgundy, Duke of Orléans, Duke of Bourbon, Duke of Britaine, the Constable of France, Rambures, Grandpré, Beaumont, and the Governor of Harfleur: French noblemen and military leaders, most are killed or captured by the English at the Battle of Agincourt.

Montjoy: A French herald

Monsieur le Fer: A French soldier and gentleman captured by Pistol at the battle.

Ambassadors: From the French court to King Henry.

Isabel: Queen of France, married to Charles VI.

Katherine: The daughter of King Charles and Queen Isabel, she becomes Henry’s wife after the Battle of Agincourt in order to seal the peace between England and France. She speaks very little English.

Alice: Attendant to Katherine, she has spent time in England and teaches Katherine some English prior to her meeting Henry.

Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Citizens, Messengers, and Attendants (both English and French)