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Characters: Johnny Guitar

Characters: Johnny Guitar

Vienna: The owner of the saloon on the outskirts of town, Vienna is earthy and tough as nails, but with a heart of gold. She still looks good in jeans and a gunbelt.

Johnny: A man with a past, Johnny is tall and laconic, but fearless and lightning-quick if provoked.

Emma: The owner of the bank and half the town, Emma is driven by her rage and envy of Vienna “and her kind.”

The Dancin’ Kid: The leader of the local wild bunch, the Dancin’ Kid is very charming and very dangerous. He is the “alpha male” until Johnny comes along.

McIvers: Owner of all the cattle and the other half of the town, McIvers is gruff and authoritarian. He is the boss in these parts, but is easily led and manipulated by Emma.

Turkey: Part of the Dancin’ Kid’s bunch, Turkey is very young and is a punk who is prone to gunplay.

Bart: Part of the Dancin’ Kid’s bunch, Bart is big and ornery.

Tom: The cook, Tom is simple and eager to please.

Carl: The quintessential ranch hand.

Eddie: A roulette spinner, Eddie is sort of a western poet, a philosopher-type.

Jenks: The stage driver, Jenks is a bit of a simpleton.

Bill: An employee at the bank, Bill is the anxious clerk-type.

Hank: A cowboy.

Sam: The bartender, Sam’s a bit crusty, a skeptic.

Ned: A bank teller, Ned is just a regular good old boy.